Save money on a pink rehearsal dinner party with these simple budget friendly ideas. #schuplinparty

This pink rehearsal dinner party was my first attempt at trying to save a buck or two on a party without compromising my design. It’s true. I usually shop willy nilly until I have all of the supplies I need to complete my party plan without a ton of work. I’m a one woman show, yo!

It drives Michael bonkers but he smiles and nods because anything else would result in death by dagger eyes. What can I say? I have a bit of a temper. <shrugs>

PS: There is a sponsored component of this party plan but it’s way down ↓ there ↓. 

Pink tissue paper garland is a cheap and easy party decoration for a pink rehearsal dinner party. #schuplinparty

Rachel loves pink everything and my pink bridal shower is proving to me that pink really is the most popular color out there, so I opted against reinventing the party theme wheel. The proof is in the Google searches. ’nuff said.

I started with a plastic pink table cloth ($3 Target) because I wanted the food table to be the focal point of my (very windy) pink rehearsal dinner party.

Since I was on a 48 hour deadline, I did not shop around for pink tissue paper. Which translates to- it’s a good thing Target had a great selection of pink tissue paper! Any other color and I would have been screw-to the-ed.

I ended up using 2 sheets from each of the 5 packages I purchased ($1.07-1.49/pack Target). I cut the sheets into 2 inch strips and tied them to the pink yarn I had in my craft room. One of those pound of yarn rolls that run around $3 at Walmart if you are starting with nadda.

Keeping the decorations simple for your pink rehearsal dinner party will save you a lot of money. #schuplinparty

We purchased 4 white tablecloths ($1/each Dollar Tree) and topped them with a simple tissue paper centerpiece.

Save money on the decorations for your pink rehearsal dinner party with this tissue paper flower centerpiece. #schuplinparty

Next, I shoved 2-3 strips of the leftover garland strips into vases I found in my party stash. The vases were a random clearance find during one of my many shopping trips because that’s what I do. ($1.49/each Meijer)

I used another leftover strip to create a small ‘flower’ and taped it to the top of the vase. Simple, right?

My thoughts exactly.

Pink rehearsal dinner party drink station includes a kiwi cocktail, cucumber water, and wine from Uncorked Ventures. #schuplinparty

The drink station included the kiwi cocktail I featured a few weeks ago, wine from Uncorked Ventures, and cucumber water. The cucumber water used cucumbers from our garden and… you guessed it… water. Making it free and a little classy.

I dressed up the drink station with my own ‘all because two people fell in love’ sign and a smaller tissue paper garland.

Enjoying wine from Uncorked Ventures during the pink rehearsal dinner party. #schuplinparty

But back to Uncorked Ventures, mmmkay?

I don’t care if it’s a baby shower, toddler party, or adult party… there will always be a variety of adult beverages to choose from. Always. Except… in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is party planning, I sometimes forget the wine. The horror!

This time I was prepared with my wine club shipment from Uncorked Ventures. Hello, brilliant party hostess who didn’t need to run to Rite Aid moments before the shindig began! I was poised, prepared, and proud of my wine choices for this pink rehearsal dinner party. Shoooot… my bottles were even looking dapper in their blinking ‘congrats’ bow ties. Presentation. Presentation. Presentation!

And don’t worry about getting Rite Aid quality wine in your wine club shipments. It’s not gonna happen. Uncorked Ventures prides themselves on 90+ point qualities from smaller producers who quite possibly will be new to you.

Oh! One more thing before I move on.

The wine was AH-MAY-ZING! Trust me on this one. It was glorious.

Easy party food will allow you to spend more time with the guests of your pink rehearsal dinner party. #schuplinparty

Another cost cutting corner is using generic silverware and/or grabbing them from Dollar Tree. Packages of silverware at Dollar Tree will run you $1 for 16 people. My mom picked up clear silverware, wrapped them in white napkins, and tied them with pink ribbon.

Note- Please shop around if time permits because this isn’t always the case. Oriental Trading carries 50 packs for $4.25.

She also picked up clear plastic plates to eat on because clear fit this upscale, backyard bash to a T. Making our final cost not much at all. Winner, winner!


Ideas on how to save money on a pink rehearsal dinner party without compromising the food and decorations. #schuplinparty

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