Tutorial showing you how to make a fall themed cheese and cracker preschool snack

Welcome to parents’ night!

You’re uncomfortable because you had to forgo your superhero knee socks and wear pants. Actual pants, not yoga pants.

You’re trying to figure out whether to sell a kidney or become a surrogate to pay for the first fundraiser of the year. (When we all know you will buy the box of candy and eat all of the licorice before Christmas.)

You’re wondering where you stored all of the tiny, pink cardboard squares. That ‘safe place’ you started at the beginning of the summer? Not as good of an idea as you thought it would be.

You’re trying to think of how to describe your child in two sentences that does his massive personality justice and keeps him off of Little Johnny’s ‘not allowed to play with’ list.

But then, when the teacher starts talking about signing up to bring in a peanut free, sugar free snack once a month, you’re all like, “I got this. Bring on snack day!”

Ingredients to make a fall themed cheese and crackers preschool snack

I adore snack day. Preschool snacks are my jam because they are fun and the teachers still enforce the one bite rule.

One bite. Just one bite. C’mon, you might like it. Give it a chance…

To make a fall themed preschool snack, slice a block of Havarti cheese

My fall snack schedule goes a little like:

  • Leaves in September
  • Pumpkins in October
  • Turkeys in November

I try my damnedest to give the kids something FUN because I know the world is full of eaters like my niece. I am also very aware that Maverick will most likely grow up to be one of those eaters because Michael eats everything under the sun. No parent is lucky enough to get two garbage disposals. Life doesn’t work that way.

  • For this snack, pair crackers with Arla Dofino‘s Havarti and Dill Havarti (available in slice or chunk form).
  • Slice the block(s) of cheese to whatever width you prefer.

Use a cookie cutter to turn slices of cheese into leaves for your child's fall themed preschool snack

  • Grab your leaf cookie cutters and get to work creating edible leaves, saving the scraps of cheese for some other delightfully cheesy dish.

Cheese shaped like leaves make a cute and easy preschool snack

That’s it, guys!

Are these not the cutest preschool snacks?

Now, before you come back to troll me because you can’t find this free of added hormones and preservatives cheese at your grocer, I should mention it’s in the deli section. You guys are exceptional trolls and I would hate to see your talent wasted on an easy snack for preschoolers. Save the trolling for when I start vlogging again.

I should also mention that Arla Dofino is hosting a Snack-to-School Facebook sweepstakes. You’re welcome!

Unless I get stupid busy like I normally do during the holidays, I plan on sharing my other wicked awesome preschool snacks with the interwebz. I say that now but we all know I don’t emerge from my rock until January, so feel free to drop a little double u- tea- eff my way if you are running out of ideas. There is nothing wrong with a friendly kick in the rear.


Step by step instructions showing you how to make a fall themed preschool snack

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