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How to plan a pink and gold princess elephant baby shower

Hosting and/or designing parties for people is my love language, so when someone who truly appreciates the people around her has a baby shower to plan, I get excited and start thinking about every detail, down to the diapers, to help however I can so the event is perfect. My sister-in-law is one of those people. I adore her… and not just because my newest niece is hanging out in her womb. She deserves perfect because she’s fine with whatever.

So I got to planning a princess elephant baby shower. Which, per the norm, surprised me with how gorgeous pink and gold are together.


Gift table and photo booth for a pink and gold princess elephant baby showerPink and gold photo booth props for a princess elephant baby shower

Since photo booths are all the rage, I wanted to create a fun area the would give the mom-to-be a place to open her gifts and take silly pictures with her guests.

Baby shower games for a princess elephant themeLittle peanut party favors for a pink and gold princess elephant baby shower

And when the guests were done goofing off and gabbing, there were games to be played and envelopes to address. Any woman who has ever been to any type of shower knows about the responsibility of addressing an envelope. Not only does it save the lady of the hour a hand cramp when it’s time to send thank you cards, it usually gives the guests a chance win a ‘prize’.

Party tip >>> Guess to Win printableAdvice is Nice printableparty favor tags, and Price is Right printable.


Food ideas for a princess elephant baby shower

And then there was the food. I’m not sure if you are familiar with what it’s like to ralph up really expensive bacon on Christmas morning, but I am. I knew the menu would be hit or miss with her nausea, so I opted for simple items.

Create a peanut bar for a snack at a princess elephant baby showerGive your baby shower guests a variety of sweet and savory peanuts in the peanut barPeanut bar featuring cocoa peanuts at a princess elephant baby shower

Like a peanut bar full of sweet and savory peanuts.

Yanno… because elephants and peanuts go together like peanut butter and jelly… like mac and cheese… Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong.

Small sandwiches are easy to make for a princess elephant baby shower

And turkey sandwiches served on a super cute diaper cake plate made by yours truly. (Find the easy peasy tutorial


 Princess elephant piggy bank surrounded by chocolate donutsPink and gold pretzels at a princess elephant baby showerGold princess crown cupcake toppers for a princess elephant baby shower

The most complicated item on the menu was probably the pink and gold pretzels. And yet, they were not that complicated because I was able to whip them up in the room I once called my kitchen. All I needed for this baby shower was a microwave and that was the one thing I wasn’t willing to give up during our kitchen remodel, so I was


Pink and gold water bottle labels and paper straws for a princess elephant baby shower

And I served bottles of water and lemonade.

Which was supposed to be pink lemonade because the elephant baby shower was pink and gold, but shopping with kids can be…

Amiright? Or amiright?

Unless your grocery list only consists of a few items, never ever forget their shopping snack. And if you are like me and ‘grabbing a few items’ really means ‘a few hours and a few hundred dollars’, you never leave the house without their shopping snack.

If you venture out sans food or a spare diaper, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Supplies needed to make a diaper cake plate for a princess elephant baby shower

  • Cake Plate, ideally one that isn’t much taller than the diapers you are using.
  • Diapers (I used newborn Huggies Little Snugglers Plus from the Huggies Newborn Pack.)
  • Scissors
  • String (I used the same cotton string I use for the majority of my projects.)
  • Ribbon, in whatever size and color that matches the baby shower.

How to make a diaper cake plate for a princess elephant baby shower

As you wrap the diapers around the cake plate, be sure to position the diapers so they face the same direction.

How to attach diapers to a cake plate without damaging it.

Next, secure the spiral of diapers with string. I recommend tying the layers frequently so the spiral isn’t so loose that it slips off of the cake plate when you lift it.

Decorating a diaper cake plate with pink and gold ribbon

Decorating the final ring is optional, but I think adding a ribbon is an easy way to add the baby shower colors to the food table.


DIY diaper cake plate tutorial


Decorate the food table at a princess elephant baby shower with a pink tulle skirtPink tulle skirt decoration for a princess elephant baby shower

Forget about the baby shower food for a minute, let’s chat about the decor.

For real, though. Is this pink tulle skirt not the most adorable and perfectly pink decoration you’ve ever seen? Is it even possible to have a princess elephant baby shower without a pink tulle table skirt?

The answer is no. Not even sort of.

How to decorate the gift table and photo booth for a princess elephant baby shower

So much so, that I bought one for the chair in the gift area.

Table decorations for a princess elephant baby showerPrincess elephant baby shower centerpieces made with pink hydrangeas and whole peanutsScatter pink princess crown candle holders on the tables at a princess elephant baby shower

I melded the elephant and princess themes by filling the table centerpieces with clear jewels and whole peanuts, with a cherry on top in the form pink bling. Which paired nicely with the pretty, pretty princess crown tealight holders.

Decorate a princess elephant baby shower with a line full of pink baby clothesPink and gold princess elephant baby showerPink princess crown food labels for a princess elephant baby shower

And last but not least, the final touches included a clothesline full of pink clothing, an adorable elephant plush that Maverick did not want to give to the newly crowned mama bear, and more pretty, pretty princess crown food labels. It was adorable.

Shopping for Huggies Little Snugglers Plus diapers at CostcoIf there is one lesson I’ve learned after two kids, it’s to buy large boxes of diapers, and to enjoy the color-changing wetness indicator while they’re tiny. Running out of diapers is the worst and usually happens when you haven’t showered in a week days and the only thing clean is the sexy number you haven’t worn in months because… yanno… you have a newborn at home.

So, since Costco is to bulk like salt is to pepper, and Huggies Newborn Packs are a great value and only available at Costco, I ordered the new parents the first of many diapers for their diaper stash from the comfort of my recliner. While sporting a mismatched socks and a lumpy pony.

Translation: Huggies Newborn Packs will be $5 off from (9/1 – 9/25) with free shipping, and you can order them without washing your hair or worrying about how long it has been since you last shaped your brows.

Is there a baby shower coming up in your calendar? Maybe a diaper party? No matter the event, diapers are always a good idea. Trust  me.


Pink and gold party decorations, printables, and tutorials for a princess elephant baby shower.

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