Recipe: Valentine’s Day Pretzel Rods

These festive pretzel rods are an affordable and easy way to add color and charm to your Valentine’s Day get-together.

Makes: 9 Rods
Prep: 15 Minutes


9 snyder’s pretzel rods
12 oz bag pink candy melts (sweet tooth fairy)
12 oz bag black candy melts (sweet tooth fairy)
1 tablespoon pink heart sprinkles (
1 tablespoon pink confetti sprinkles
1 teaspoon black sprinkles


Melt the pink and black candy melts as directed on the package. Using a spoon scoop candy melts over the top of one end of the pretzels. Roll as you are scooping then tap lightly to get the excess candy melts off the pretzel. Place on parchment paper.

Before the candy melts dry add the heart sprinkles to the pink pretzels. Add the black sprinkles to the pink pretzel rods. Lastly add the pink sprinkles to the black pretzel rods.

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Let dry and serve!

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