I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community, which means I’m bringing you some quick snacks for your upcoming Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party) because they enjoy my crazy party obsession. In fact, they bribed me with money, as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser, to indulge my inner party diva!

Life is good!

#ad How to make corn dogs into the perfect, quick snack for a Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party). #getcorny #cbias

I’m not sure if you heard the news or not, the Michigan State Spartans are headed to the 2014 Rose Bowl!

This is where I allow you to compose yourself before getting to the party…

It’s sort of a big deal around these parts, so what does a party addict do? I added another notch to my oh-so-cluttered bed post.

#ad Every Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party) deserves football decorations. The secret for the perfect football party is easy decorations! #getcorny #cbias

I know I throw a ton of parties, and I know you guys might think I have officially walked over the ledge, but I have a SUPER secret to share. A secret for party planners from all walks of life…

…the majority of this party spread, from the corn dogs to the spinach dip, was purchased at Sam’s Club!

I know, right?

#ad Protein snack ideas for a Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl party include- Tyson fully cooked chicken wings and buffalo chicken tenders. #getcorny #cbias

Not only were the eats purchased at Sam’s Club (because boy parties tend to leave my resources tapped), the Tyson wings, Tyson tenders, and Country Ribbon Corn Dogs were fully cooked- AKA easy prep. Like a few hours of prep. Like super, bestest wife ever prep.

That’s right folks, the cat is out of the bag! Throwing a party together in less than 5 hours is possible with the right props.

#ad Country Ribbon Corn Dogs and cheese sticks are Rose Bowl Party favorites. #getcorny #cbias

Now I know what you are thinking, “Corn dogs, really? I thought this was a Rose Bowl Party for grown men?”

Oh, you mean the grown men who are proud of their hairy chests? You must be talking about the grown men who communicate by shouting Tarzan-like calls, right?


#ad Corn dogs and beer cheese dip are a great protein snack idea for a Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party) #getcorny #cbias

All you have to do to please your man child at his boy bonding Rose Bowl Party is this… make him man worthy dips like beer cheese and buffalo -too spicy for the wifey- chicken dip. These manly dips will have them dipping their corn dogs into deliciousness all throughout the game, and they won’t even realize it. It’s a beautiful trick.

#ad Corn dogs can be a great 'grown up' snack for any Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party) with beer cheese dip. #getcorny #cbias


8oz cream cheese
8oz shredded cheddar cheese
2t mustard powder
1t Worcestershire sauce
1/2t pepper
1/2c (or more if you prefer a stronger beer taste) beer (I used a Bock.)

Mix the ingredients together in a food processor.

2T Beer (I used a Bock.)
1T sugar
1 1/4c pecans

Heat the beer in a skillet until the sugar melt before tossing the pecans in and toasting them for 1-2 minutes.

1/4t red pepper flakes
1/2T cumin
1/4t salt
1T sugar

Mix together in a bowl and coat the pecans before mixing the pecans into the cheese dip from step 1.

#ad Buffalo chicken dip is the perfect quick snack for your next Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party). #getcorny #cbias


2 Blocks of cream cheese
2-3 Chicken breasts (in little chunks)
1-1.5 cups of hot sauce (Depending on how spicy you like your dip.)

I tossed the ingredients in my slow cooker and cooked it on high for about 2 hours. Once the chicken chunks were cooked I pulled them out and shredded them with two forks. Easiest dip EVER!

#ad Mini cheesecakes from Sam's Club are the easiest dessert you can provide your Rose Bowl Party guests. #getcorny #cbias

And let’s not forget about the desserts! You can also find these adorable cheesecakes at Sam’s Club and let me tell you… that turtle looking cube? Uh-mazing!

#ad Creating table decorations for a Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party) is simple if you use your team's colors. #getcorny #cbias

So, I showed you how to feed the male ego (and stomach) with minimal effort, but what about the stuff they don’t care about? You know what I’m talking about: the cutesy little footballs placed on the 15 yard line, the green and white utensils matching their team, and the adorably simple football lanterns hanging above the table. I am even willing to bet a Rose Bowl Party is the easiest theme to play up because the majority of the decorating can be done in colors.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

#ad What Rose Bowl Party would be complete without sports apparel and recliners #getcorny #cbias

If you don’t believe me, take a peek at this face. This child got down on some corn dogs!

Psst… just wait and see what I have up my sleeve for our Super Bowl Party!

#ad Shopping at Sam's Club for Rose Bowl Party food #getcorny #cbias

You can taste Country Ribbon Corn Dogs before you buy them during the in store demos 1/3-1/4/14, at participating stores.


#ad Rose Bowl Party (or Super Bowl Party) ideas for easy decorations and quick party snacks. #getcorny #cbias

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