I am a parent ambassador for SEA LIFE Michigan. And let me tell you, Michael is stoked about this project! <insert school girl giggles here>

These days it seems like Michael is famous. You will find him in articles on MLiveThe Oakland Press, and even in a video from the Detroit Free Press. His recent stardom can be attributed to one thing… his anticipation of the opening for SEA LIFE Michigan!

For real, you guys.

I wish you would have been a fly on the tent just to experience half of the pure joy radiating from Michael. He was beside himself with excitement. He wants to see the sea creatures: the fish, the sea horses, and more. He wants to experience things one wouldn’t typically associate with Michigan. And the best part? He really only half understands what it means when I tell him Michigan’s largest aquarium will be a mere 30 minutes away in Auburn Hills.

Michael playing in the sand at the SEA LIFE Michigan sandbreaking event held at Great Lakes Crossing. #SEALIFEMI

The 35,000 square-foot SEA Life Michigan Aquarium will feature an underwater tunnel. A tunnel! An underwater tunnel! Oh em gee! I can see his reaction now.

“Mommy, look!”

“Mommy, a FISH!”

“Mommy, what’s that?”

“Mommy, can we go see the fishies again?”

I’m talking about the moments you live for as a parent. Raw enthusiasm.

I know this because he was barely able to contain himself when it came to the ‘sandbreaking’ portion of the SEA LIFE Michigan event we attended. He knew there was a giant sandbox to play in at the end of event, but he had no idea he would be allowed to wear a REAL hard hat and use a grown-up shovel. Say, what?

He loved every minute spent digging up little ‘fishies’.

I know SEA LIFE Michigan, owned by Merlin Entertainments Group, will provide countless hours of entertainment for us this winter. I strongly detest winter and refuse to leave the house when coats and winter boots are required. Just, no. 

Since my sister shares the same sentiment, I started planning family friendly activities for our winter. Which happened to be around the time I saw the sign for SEA LIFE at Great Lakes Crossing. Fate? Perhaps. Perfect timing? Absolutely!


In addition to weaving conservation information and tips throughout our exhibits, SEA LIFE takes an active role in conservation through our Breed Rescue Protect initiative. We run breeding programs to help sustain endangered species, rescue hundreds of sick and injured creatures and nurse them back to health to return them to the wild, and actively campaign to protect individual species and marine environments from exploitation or destruction.

I’m excited for next year. And Michael… well, the pictures describe it the best.

I will be back with more information as we get closer to the grand opening, so stay tuned!

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