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Are you as addicted to shopping Sears as I am? I’m not talking about the occasional shopping trip. I’m talking about the obsessive clearance sales tracking, you have run out of hangers, and your clothes are creeping into your kid’s closet. And let’s not forget the fact that you can’t keep Shop Your Way Rewards points in your account to save your life. The points are spent as soon as they are loaded to your account because you log into your account once a week.

No? You mean to tell me I am obsessive about something in my life? I had no idea that was possible…

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I’ve been thinking I should sign up for their Personal Shopper program for some extra cash but what if that kills my street cred? Buying for people makes me nervous because I am so good at knowing what I want. What I like. I do tell everyone about Sears but do I want to turn my hobby into a business? Hmm…

True story, I was in the resort’s gift shop during my honeymoon and I had to tell the cashier I got my shoes from Sears after she complimented them. It’s weird for people to comprehend the immediate response of ‘I got it from Sears’ but I say ‘I got it from Sears’ much like people say please and thank you.

Whackadoodle, fo’ sho!

The Kardashian Kollection at Sears isn't just affordable fashion. The Kardashian sisters also created a gorgeous line of jewlery! #ThisisStyle #shop #cbias

If you aren’t lucky enough (or not so lucky) to have a Sears crazy in your life, you can get a Personal Shopper for free. Like zero doll hairs, yo! You should probably stalk #PersonalShopper on Twitter if that sounds like something you want to get in on. I mean, I’m just sayin’, why do the work if someone else is willing to do it? Simplifying your life is liberating!

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