Horrible Housewife Disclosure Statement for my Jockey Bra boob fetish

I am a workaholic.
I don’t really want to be on team coffee but I am.
I am not addicted to caffeine. (Lies)
I refuse to admit how many hours of sleep I get each night.

Workaholic's Anonymous meets every night at 9pm around the Keurig

Having a toddler is exhausting. Having a toddler and working from home is the kiss of death. You had better wave goodbye to any amount of sleep and embrace your new dark circles because working when your  toddler sleeps is the only way you will get anything done. Thankfully dark circles were all the rage during fashion week (I made that up to help tired moms everywhere feel better.) because my dark circles are fierce. Fierce as in no amount of NARS or Kat Von D can conceal the deep purple accessory that comes with getting *cough* 1.5 hours of sleep *cough*.

Don’t tell my mom. Kthanks!

A Keurig is a workaholic's best friend because you can brew a single cup of coffee at midnight

Or maybe you should tell my mom because she is the one that bought me my Keurig brewer. She is the reason I am able to make individual cups of coffee and/or tea in the middle of the night. Does that make her my enabler? Hmm…

Perhaps not. I mean, who would have guessed I would turn into such a hardcore member of team coffee?

Hold the phone a minute.

My caffeine addiction goes back even further than my rockin‘ Keurig gift! I was introduced to Granny’s Keurig when I Great Grandma passed away. I almost forgot about when I started drinking coffee! Buying a Keurig is dangerous because your life becomes stupid simple and it only makes sense to make a cup of coffee so you can get one more thing done before bed.

Consider yourself warned!

A Keurig brewer gives a workaholic the option for brew over ice or coffee in regular or strong

When I don’t need a caffeine drip you will find me indulging in peach tea because this fancy Keurig brewer has a Brew Over Ice feature. Yanno, because what normal person drinks straight water? Kidding, I was stuck drinking this awful flavored water when I pulled my 4 day solo parenting stint because I am L to the AZY. Or busy. I prefer to think of myself as busy because I don’t know how to say no. I need to say no more. I bet I would sleep if I said no.

And that paragraph is what happens when your brain is on 1- too much caffeine, or 2- not enough sleep. You decide which one I am operating on right now.

Keurig brewers even give workaholics plenty of flavor options for their late night cup of coffee

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