Shay Strong- Shay Strikes Back

Yesterday, I joined my sister on an adventure supporting Shay Strong that got me thinking about online community, and how we are able to impact people with our story. Our story isn’t always easy but it is ours to tell. And let’s not forget how often we forget you must have lows in order to see (and appreciate) the highs.

Painting the Shay Strong memorial in Flint, MI

You see, my kid sister has found her tribe and is schooling my fellow online community builders in a little thing called taking action. Taking action, coupled with a whole bunch of heart. Which is why we painted the Hammerberg Road memorial rock in the dead of winter.

We laughed. We froze. We reflected on a little girl’s life.

Painting the Shay Strong memorial in Flint, Michigan


Shay earned her wings on February 13th after being diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2013.

Today, Shay has been fighting this fight since her diagnosis a year to the day exactly. Always fighting and always with that amazing smile. It sadden us deeply to have to share the heart breaking news Greg and Robin received yesterday…… Shay’s brain is covered in tumors along with 90% of her spine. The doctors informed them that Chemo is no longer an option because it won’t do anything, due to the cancer spreading so much. All they can do is try and make Shay as comfortable as possible. 

I am pretty awful at these types of topics so I felt it was best to share part of an update from Shay’s GoFundMe page.

Spray painting the Shay Strong memorial in Flint, Michigan

Where I lack in my ability to find the right words, Shay’s supporters make up for it ten fold. The #ShayStrong community is moving. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful. She touched so many people in one way or another that I guarantee your eyes will react if you take a moment to read some of them. Like this one. And this one. And this one. And this one.

Getting messy at the Shay Strong memorial in Flint, Michigan

So, how does this relate to blogging, or life in general?

My takeaway is simple… respond to each and every person who reaches out with their thoughts because I don’t how my journey is influencing their life. It sounds simple but I often find myself caught up in the hustle and bustle that is life, resulting in ass backwards prioritizing.

Dearest Shay- Thank you for reminding me that relationships are the queen to the content king. Thank you for touching my sister’s life. Just thank you.

Rest in peace.


Goofing off at the Shay Strong memorial in Flint, Michigan

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