Why in the world will Michael not drink from a sippy cup like every other child his age, 4+ months my tush?  We have been practicing using a sippy cup and all that has been resulting in is water all over my house.  Daddy Michael actually sat on the floor the other day with Michael and immediately smelled his hand because he thought it was cat pee.  Tricked you because it is just water! 

We have tried soft tips, hard tips, blue tips and red tips -nothing works.  My Sister let him have a sip from her juice box and that worked for a hot minute, so I tried a different straw and that failed.  Maybe it is just me?  Maybe this is just a preview of what potty training is going to be like?  I will defeat this sippy cup demon if it kills me!

Michael will let you pour the sippy in his mouth but would rather pour the water all over himself and chew on the cup if you give it to him.  I am A-OK with giving it to him to figure out himself and that would explain the puddles that I find throughout the kitchen and the family room.  At times I feel like I am navigating a booby trapped desert!

The plus side of things is that the cats are able to drink the water that is on the floor.  See I have a problem, since the water dish has moved to the basement I never remember to fill it up.  You know, out of site and out of mind?  I am a horrible kitty Mommy…

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