Here is a smartphone for beginners- LG Enact review and specs

Verizon sent me, what I would call, a smartphone for beginners to review during the holiday break. I have mixed emotions about the LG Enact because I am a chronic email checker, no responder backer, need my Instagram fix now type of person. That does not mean the LG Enact is a bad smartphone! All that means is: I need to back away from the phone, I need to curb my social media addiction, and I need to … I can’t even spit this one out. There’s no way I would EVER admit that I need to downgrade my phone preferences. Those words will never dance across my lips.


Soooo… how the heck did the LG Enact hold up during the month I tested it?

A smartphone for beginners typically means a low quality camera

The camera is, shall we say… meh at best. For real guys, it was hit or miss and you know I take a crap ton of pictures! If you are in a prime picture taking setting (read: outside), you could produce a decent quality image. If you are a night owl who primps for vlogs in the middle of the night, under CFL bulbs, you just had to accept the fact your image would be low quality.

Here is a video example that explains what I am talking about.

The LG Enact is the perfect smartphone for beginners with its 4 inch screen and slide out keyboard

Let’s just get the elephant in the room for a minute… I have awful penmanship. There! I said it! Stencils are being ordered as I type this. Wahhh!

But I digress.

The 4 inch screen is just fine for me because I’m not keen on carrying around a tablet when all I want to do is carry around my cutie patootie wristlet. With that said, I need something bigger than 4 inches (That’s what she said!) to touch type things because my chubby fingers prefer a wider screen. You see, I have a hammer thumb, and the slide out keyboard reminded me of my inability to win a game of Thumb Wars. {Insert a frowny face here.}

And before I reluctantly give the floor over to the nerdy love of my life…

The battery life is pretty legit. I would probably say the battery life is the strongest feature of this smartphone for beginners.


The pros and cons explaining why the LG Enact is a great smartphone for beginners

The Enact by LG is one of the few offerings out there with a slide out keyboard. This is a phone for someone trying to get into the smart phone arena, who doesn’t want to go to a full touchscreen yet. It has a good screen and excellent battery life. That is where the positives end with this device.

The phone is bulky and clunky compared to other smartphone offerings. This phone does feature a quad-core processor from Qualcomm; however, the Operating System has a tendency to lag during normal usage. The front and rear cameras would have been great 2 years ago, but they fall short compared to the 8 and 10 megapixel offerings from other manufacturers.

In conclusion, it is an average phone that did not really have anything to make it stand out in an increasingly competitive phone market. If you do demand an Android smartphone with a physical keyboard, I would go with the Motorola Droid 4 that is a better performer that right now and is Free with Contract.

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