Horrible Housewife Disclosure Statement for snacking healthier with non gmo popcorn from Jolly Time

Yes, I make Michael eat GMO free popcorn, what of it? I’m pretty happy with our clean(er) eating progress, that is, until we get to our areas of indulgence, aka snacking. Between late school nights and super party planning, the Schuplins are crazy busy this summer. Crazy busy, I tell ya! And that means a handful of almonds isn’t going to satisfy my desire to stress eat. Don’t hate on me for my womanly desire to consume copious amounts of chocolate, ice cream, sugar, and more sugar when my uterus is jumping out of my body.

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Jolly Time with Smart Balance is a non GMO popcorn for healthier snacking

Despite being crazy busy we still make the time to veg out to our favorite USA Network shows with GMO free popcorn, of course, and I let him rub my feet when I am feeling especially nice. Our 45 minutes of TV is really the only time we spend together during the week because our schedules are ridiculous. One day we won’t have to go to the gym to stay in shape. One day he will be done with school. One day Michael will be in little people school and I won’t depend on his bedtime for ‘save my sanity’ time.

One day…

Comparing Pop Secret Homestyle to GMO free popcorn from Jolly Time


Here’s the deal, I don’t care if there are ‘treats’ in my house as long as they are the healthier snack option, like GMO free popcorn. It was a big deal for us to change everything we were used to eating, especially those oh so delicious Goldfish, and I won’t deny Michael popcorn because there are worse things we could snack on, like the cupcakes his mom sent home with us. There are even different levels of unhealthy in popcorn!

Example: The above picture is comparing Pop Secret Homsetyle to Jolly Time’s Butter popcorn on the Food Facts site. Michael went from eating the butter overload version of Pop Secret to something I feel better keeping in the house. At least I know Jolly Time with Smart Balance doesn’t have hydrogenated oil and is a nonGMO product.

For the record, this is just what works for my family, not what I think everyone should do because that’s not my place. I just know there is someone out there, like the old me, who doesn’t have a clue where to even begin the whole clean(er) eating thing. Maybe that is why I write about it? I’m really not sure.

And to think 3 months ago I didn’t give a flying eff about ingredients.

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