My Sister is having a Star Wars themed baby shower and in an effort to keep the cost down, while still humoring her nontraditional theme, I got crafty! In case you haven’t looked around, Star Wars anything is a drain on the pocketbook! OY!

I made some pretty cool centerpieces using baby food jars and some Legos but that is all I have so far. Can I craft the majority of the shower with baby food jars? I like challenges so perhaps it is possible?

I am a recycle craft hoarder and I am planning on sharing my problem with you guys later on this week but for now just take my word on it. I hate traditional baby shower favors and better yet, I hate traditional baby showers. What pregnant woman enjoys people showing her how big she is with a string and what guest enjoys smelling, tasting and guessing melted candy bars in a diaper? Who started these bogus rituals? I did find a funny anti-shower game that had me cracking up during my shower! Probably because I am a pervert? ?

  1. I colored the lids with my Elmer’s Painters.
  2. I bought these stick on space stickers in the Walmart craft section and placed them where I thought it looked cool. I used white and silver on the ‘good guy’ scrubs.
  3. I filled in the remaining area with random dots and shooting star tails.
  4. Next I cut white and blue ribbon in 12 inch strands. I did end up trimming them down a little once they were tied but it was easier to work with a long piece.

Easy peasy and they bring a little bit of a softer feeling to her manly-ish theme. My Mom is sort of crying inside because everything is Star Wars so I have taken the shower planning over. Speaking of which, I need to get on that! When does life slow down? That’s right; when you die! Wahhhh!

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