This spooky soiree was inspired by my partnership with Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Drink responsibly, ya lushes!

Party ideas to help you host a spooky soiree this Halloween

Our spooky soiree was a good night of responsible drinking and tricking one of my friends into thinking some chicken wing dance was ‘Hitting the Quan’. In my heated garage. Because… Michigan.

This is where I mention I do not live in Michigan for the cold weather. If I were a dog, you would have to shovel a trail for me to do my business because I am not about that life. And no, you will not spend a small fortune on adorable little booties designed to protect my precious feet from the snow. You will put on your parka and shovel the white vomit or suffer the consequences. Sorry, not sorry.

Thinking about snow makes me feisty, but I digress.

Let’s talk Halloween. Specifically, Halloween for adults. With libations. And glitter. And purple. And more glitter. With people who also work too much get off on their jobs. (Not on, like at, their job. What kind of company do you think I keep?)

And yes, she was walking around my garage doing the chicken wing. Sober. Totally sober.


Layer the main table at your spooky soiree with different types of purple fabric, black netting, and white cobwebs

Dress up the tables at your spooky soiree with black cobwebs and purple paper lanterns

This might come as a surprise to you fair weather visitors, but I own a TON of purple. I thought to myself, “Back in the day, I did a dark romance Valentine’s day party that has the potential to look AH-mazing with trace amounts of orange.”

So I covered the main table in two types of purple fabric, black netting, and white cobwebs. That might sound like a lot of work but it wasn’t considering layers are all about embracing imperfection. Straight chaos is the best.

I wanted to hang the paper lanterns from the ceiling but the popcorn ceiling was like, “Imma spit out all of the push pins you try to stick in me. And then I’m going to laugh when your husband runs them over.”

So I put them on the tables.

Turn cauldrons into drink holders for your spooky soiree

Black cauldrons are festive drink containers for a spooky soiree

And drove home the Halloween theme with black cauldron drink holders full of mike’s Hard Glacier Berry and purple water bottles. It worked, paper lanterns on the tables and all.

Purple vases are easy untensil holders at your spooky soiree


Mashed potatoes are always a popular side dish for a spooky soiree

Use a tiered platter to serve side dishes for your next spooky soiree

S'mores cookies are perfect seasonal dessert for your next spooky soiree

I even served an actual dinner. Not traditional Halloween party food, I know, but we’re a classy crew.

A classy, chicken wing crew that enjoys any meal followed by s’mores cookies.

Mike's Hard Lemonade is a refreshing beverage for your next adult Halloween party

Mike's Hard Mango Punch at a spooky soiree

Mike's Glacier Berry at a spooky soiree

I’m going to point this out because… transparency.

I served mike’s Hard Glacier Berry to my guests while I enjoyed mike’s Hard Mango Punch because that’s what I had planned on picking up for the party. (FYI: Glacier Berry is a new flavor.) It’s my party, and I’ll drink what I want!

I’m only sort of kidding.

I wasn’t expecting to find and fall in love with mike’s Hard Mango Punch, but I did, so I used it to keep track of my drink. It was my favorite flavor as of this party. In fact, I might be jumping between that and, my newest love affair, mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade right meow. I admit to nothing because it is a school night and my internet friends are not enabling my late night banter. Boo on them! (See what I did there?)

Have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!


How to throw a spooky soiree for Halloween loving adults- purple and black decor, classy Halloween decorations, and ideas for food and drink

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