“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before!”

There comes a day when you meet a man who tolerates your lack of housekeeping and allows you to assimilate him because he knows… resistance is futile. You buy a house, you have babies, and whenever you say make it so… he makes it so. Life is great.

What you fail to realize is that one day he will ask for a Star Trek party. But not just any Star Trek party, a Star Trek: The Next Generation party. (There’s a difference.) And when you finally get to that part of your relationship, when you know your love has moved past the foulest dutch ovens you will ever experience, he will show you his toy collection.

And no, I’m not talking about whips and fuzzy handcuffs.

Once he decides that you are the woman he wants to throw him a Star Trek party, he will take you to his dad’s basement and show you his collection of Star Trek toys models. And don’t suggest that he superglue Commander Riker’s leg back on because he will look at you like you sprouted an extra head. Not that I did that or anything…


Putting together the main table for the party was probably my favorite task. It was the easiest to plan out, and the simplicity of the table just worked. I started with an Enterprise in the center of the table, followed by a few star shaped bowls of cashews, added some black placemats, and filled in the remaining space with the party favors.

Easy breezy, lemon squeezy.

And the party favors? They probably took a grand total of 10 minutes to put together. I bought some Earl Grey tea, clear bags, and Star Trek buttons. I know, I know. You shouldn’t have TOS pins at a TNG party. At the time of purchase, I didn’t understand how complex the wonderful world of Star Trek is. I’ve since been schooled.


Coming up with food ideas for the Star Trek themed was a bit of a challenge. I’m always up for a challenge because Things are only impossible until they’re not!, but we definitely had a few brainstorm sessions right as he was ready to drift off to dreamland. As soon as he realized I was talking Star Trek and not the typical random stream of nonsense I usually keep him up with, he perked right up.

I used my square popcorn shaper to create marshmallow treat Borg Cubes.

The bar was stocked with Klingon Blood Wine (Red soda.) and Romulan Ale (Blue drink that ‘ades’ in maintaining electrolytes.) Of course it wouldn’t truly be a bar without rum and vodka, so I set them in the corner. These days, the kids are too tall and too independent for me to serve pre-mixed boozy drinks.

Star Trek: The Next Generation party food- Vulcan Veggies

I created the food labels with my Silhouette and a glue stick. Again, not complicated with the right TV show keeping you company as you line up the letters just right.

We ate:

  • Vulcan Veggies
  • Cheese and Phasers (Cheese and crackers)
  • Starfleet Ships and Salsa (Chips and salsa)
  • Romulan Warbirds (Chicken wings)
  • Borg Cubes (Marshmallow treats)
  • Gagh (Spaghetti salad)

Michael asked for the cellular peptide cake from Data’s dream in Phantasms (S7x6), and I broke in my Star Trek cookie cutters.

Another TOS thing I didn’t think of but I’m telling you so you don’t follow in my footsteps… don’t sit at the table filling in the middle of the TOS Star Trek insignia cookies because the TNG insignia doesn’t have it. Not that Michael walked by complimenting me on how cool the cookies looked as I sat at the table with a toothpick or anything…


Stage a Klingon Attack Cruiser defending the Enterprise from a Romulan Warbird over the food table at a Star Trek: The Next Generation party

Michael’s extensive collection of TNG toys was the main reason we decided to start with a The Next Generation party. My grown ass husband has: a Klingon Attack Cruiser and Romulan Warbird (that I hung over the food table), and a Shuttlecraft GoddardBridge, and various Action Figures (that I decorated the food table with).

His man toys saved me plenty of time because I didn’t have to make this or that decoration to make the party legit.

When I ordered our costumes, I didn’t realize Michael’s costume was just a top because my costume was a jumpsuit. There are pros and cons to both. Michael’s was hella cheap, but you need black dress pants to make it work. Mine didn’t require any additional pieces, but shapewear is a good idea if you aren’t comfortable free-ballin’. For reference: at the time of the party, I was 5’7″ and 180ish. A medium fit but it did choke me when I would sit criss-cross-applesauce.

I bought Maverick’s onesie a year ago so it wasn’t a TNG uniform, but I was not about to buy another one so he could wear it once before growing out of it. Be better than me and prepare appropriately by putting the entire family in TNG gearTNG themed onesie and all. I’m here to help you throw the best party possible!

Just remember…

“All good things must come to an end…” — Q (All Good Things…)


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