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Star Wars Baby Shower Invite {Pixlr Tutorial}

Have you missed that I am throwing a Star Wars baby shower for my Sister? Yeah, that’s happening and my site is about to be taken over by Star Wars projects! I needed some pimpin’ invitations to go with this awesome party that didn’t break the bank so I resorted to Pixlr to save the day! In a few hours I had this pretty cool invitation that she approved!

All you need to do is find an image, make your own image or hire someone to make an image for you. Once you have found it open it up in Pixlr.

I wanted my invitations to be 400X600 so I adjusted the canvas size and made sure to anchor it to the bottom left. If I wouldn’t have anchored it then the image would have been more centered than I would have liked.

I added a new layer and started to add my text to the image. You could just use one text box for all of the information on the invitation but I wanted them to be different sizes. Note: You need to have the proper layer selected if you are going to try and move/modify a section of your text. You can see which layer is selected on the right hand side of the screen.

Tip– If you are working with a lot of layers it is helpful to rename that layer so you can keep track of them.

Wondering what to put on the invitation to  make it clever? Scour the internet and look at other examples that people have used. If that doesn’t help you then ask someone who knows the movie if it makes sense to them. I have only watched 30 or so minutes of Star Wars so I was lost! My friends came to the rescue and my invitation was born.

Just make sure to HAVE FUN! When people start getting these invitations in the mail they will know that this is going to be a fun and original baby shower!

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