Star Wars birthday party

I don’t know about you guys but I am over all of the Star Wars birthday party ideas flooding Pinterest and Etsy. Don’t get me wrong, I used similar concepts in my Star Wars baby shower but they are very childlike and sooo not what I wanted for this party. Nope! I wanted to get Star Wars fancy for my seester because she is only allowed two Star Wars themed parties thrown by moi.

Unless, of course, I design a new party that I HAVE TO throw. OR! Or she wants a Star Wars wedding.

Star Wars birthday party- Boba Fett chocolates

OK, sooooo… I just found out about this Boba Fett character. I know. I know. How the hell does my sister put up with my feeble-mindedness? I’m not sure but having a sister obsessed with Star Wars and a husband who thought it was necessary to stage the Starship Enterprise in my basement has created a wicked battle in my brain.

At least I figured out the cause of my migraines.

Moving right along…

Star Wars birthday party- Duck Tape wrapped water bottles

You sort of need to buy Star Wars duct tape, grab this duct tape tutorial, and class up your Star Wars birthday party on the cheap.

You’re welcome.

Star Wars birthday party- Turkey crust pizza with ham and green pepper

But what’s a Star Wars party without food? Ohhh… just my sister’s worst nightmare. That girl can chow!

So, in an effort to introduce my family members to ‘clean eating’, I sweet talked them into consuming… wait for it… meat crust pizza! The horror!

You would have thought I was serving worms with a side of cat poop when I told them what it was. One day they will realize gluten is garbage.

Star Wars birthday party- Wearing Yoda hats

And, yeah, I indulged in the easy party store decor for a minute because we have little people now. Only… the little people weren’t the only ones to don a Star Wars party hat.

C’est la vie, man!

Star Wars birthday party- Darth Vader and Stormtrooper cupcakes

Ummm… hello, Star Wars cupcakes! There were So. Many. Cupcakes. during the month of January. So many cupcakes. Cupcakes all day, everyday! Aiyiyi!

Star Wars birthday party- Darth Vader and Stormtrooper cupcakes in silver cupcake wrappers

And before I forget a pretty important tidbit…

Are you ready?

Rachael bought a Boba Fett bucket and I know where you can get one of your own! Shoooot… her bucket even has a ventilation system thingie-ma-jig to keep it from fogging up! It’s crazy cool and I don’t geek out over shit like that.

More details to come in her upcoming bucket fashion post!

Star Wars birthday party- Create a whimsical backdrop using white and silver


Star Wars birthday party ideas

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