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Star Wars Burp Cloths {Part 2}

I feel like a man when I tell you that I didn’t read the instructions before sewing for the first time. I watched Kacy do it once on her Brother CS6000i and just said, “To heck with it, sewing looks easy enough!”

WRONG! That goes along with the whole being abducted by Star Wars thing so I won’t elaborate any further.

The day came when it was finally time to sew these Star Wars burp cloths together! “Go team go!”

I wasn’t awful at it but things are not exactly straight. My sister is getting a full Star Wars nursery so she can’t be too upset, right? Here’s a little tip Granny told me.

Sew your corners because those are harder to hand sew and be sure to make the hole as small as possible so you aren’t hand sewing a giant hole.

After I sewed around the burp cloths, I trimmed anything extra off of the edges. I figured less would be better in this situation.

I got Granny’s tip AFTER I had already sewn a bunch of burp cloths so I failed to make life easier this time. Flipping them inside out was easy peasy. You just have to make sure that you stick your finger in the corner to pop it out all of the way.

There is plenty more Star Wars crafting to be done so just follow the Star Wars baby shower tag to see the goods!

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