Star Wars cake tutorial- Darth Vader

Soooo, I have this sister who sort of loves Star Wars. And by sort of, I mean she pops a lady boner at the sight anything Star Wars. Heck, she demanded stole my Star Wars keychain swag right out from under my offspring because, yanno, what 2 year old could possibly appreciate something so majestic? <~ True story.

This girl blew her load before the Star Wars birthday party had a chance to begin! And you guys know lady loads are a million times harder to reach than their male counterparts. Did I just go there?

Star Wars cake tutorial- Step 1

I fell in love with these bad mamma jamma pumpkin push ins during one of my 50 million holiday clearance shopping trips. Umm, hello? Scoring a Darth Vader and Yoda for a combined total of $3.50 was totally worth digging through piles of clearance!

I had the brilliant idea of turning my Target clearance score into a Star Wars cake, and I sure as heck succeeded in my mission!

  • Step 1- Bake two round cakes according to whatever recipe you pick. (You could also use round foam if you are looking for more of a permanent ‘cake’.)
  • Step 2- Flip the bottom layer upside down, or level it with a knife, so you can put a piece of cardboard between the layers. (The cardboard is IMPORTANT because the arms will fall out if you don’t give them something strong to put pressure on.)
  • Step 3- Push the push ins into your $3 decoration. ($1.75 push in, $1 cake mix, misc ingredients like eggs and shit)
Star Wars cake tutorial- Step 2
  • Step 4- Remove said push ins so you can cover the cake with icing.
  • Step 5- Replace the push ins and wait for ‘the cake’ to get hard. (Hard. Loads. The only way to explain my thought process is ovulation. I MUST be ovulating right now because I am explaining a Star Wars cake with dirty words. I should probably shower tonight.)


Star Wars cake tutorial- Yoda

I am obviously not a cake decorator-person-thing because the cake didn’t turn out baby butt smooth, but my Star Wars enthusiast didn’t seem to care. And believe it or not, I said eff the ‘textured look’ because they turned out just like the concept I had in my head.

Pretty easy, right?

I agree.


Star Wars cake tutorial for Star Wars birthday parties and baby showers

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