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I did it! Starting seeds indoors has been a partial success for the Schuplin household, not to mention the plants are STILL alive in my garden. You see, I fully expected to fail because my thumb is the opposite of green, it’s blackity black. Don’t laugh! I’m not even joking about my black thumb because last year’s garden was a failure of epic proportions! Let’s highlight my fun garden projects failures from last year:


This year was going to be different. This year HAD to be different because I became a juicer and was determined not to go broke spending $2.49 on a cucumber at Whole Foods. (I totally spent that much on a cucumber this week and easily dropped $40 on 3 days of juices. Let’s just say I got in a little bit of trouble!)

How to start seeds indoors using egg cartons #MiracleGroProject


Step 1 for starting seeds indoors is to add soil to the egg carton #MiracleGroProject

Tip- Only use the egg holder side of the egg carton when you are starting seeds indoors. I used both sides because I didn’t have a lot of containers to start my seeds in and it was incredibly difficult to transfer the ones from the big side without damaging the seedlings. You can thank me for saving what is left of your insanity later.

When you are starting seeds indoors plant the seeds in egg cartons #MiracleGroProject

You might not want to take advice from a gardening amateur but in case you really do want to know, I put about 4 seeds, unless they were big seeds, in each cup because I was paranoid some wouldn’t sprout. It worked for me and I really don’t know what I am doing sooooo I’m sure it will work for you as well.

Starting seeds indoors with covers to keep moisture and heat in #MiracleGroProject

Tip- Even though you trust your husband you need to check his work. Plain and simple. Michael was a dollface by helping me water our seeds because watering is the biggest pain when you are starting seeds indoors. Unfortunately, he over-watered and put the cover over his plants, killing most of them. Bummer, dude. At least there is always next year, right?

What a garden will look like after starting seeds indoors #MiracleGroProject

So far my gardening project is a success. The plants are growing and one day I might even get a cucumber, or two. I would like to harvest a couple cucumbers but I’m not trying to be all demanding and say my garden better yield 20 cucumbers! I will accept 5 cucumbers, 5 cucumbers will make me feel like I was a successful gardener.

When did I start measuring my success in cucumbers? Sigh…

The Gro Project has some cute project ideas if you are looking for something simple to do around the house.

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