Stuffed pepper scotch eggs are a great recipe to switch up breakfast and still keep the meal healthy. #client

It’s time for another hard-boiled egg recipe using hard-boiled eggs from Great Day Farms(You know, because I am a Great Day Farms blogger who happens to adore eggs!)

Will I convince my family these wonky looking stuffed peppers are delicious? Or will my science experiment result in pizza delivery? Find out now… on Mallery’s Kitchen.

I apologize, I have been watching more than my fair share of reality TV…

Stuff half a bell pepper with sausage and a Great Day Farms hard-boiled egg to make stuffed pepper scotch eggs. #client

For this hard-boiled egg recipe I decided to go with a variation of a baked scotch egg.


Because I had no clue what a baked scotch egg was until I found out they are made with hard-boiled eggs. Like, not even the faintest idea. Never heard of them. Thank goodness for Google. Epic blogger fail.

Ya learn something new every day?

Bake paleo stuffed pepper scotch eggs at 375 for 35 minutes. #client

I will say this, these stuffed peppers were a big hit with my super skeptical husband. He was all, “What is this? How do I eat this? What the what?”

But once he tried it, “This is good!”

Yet another lesson in don’t judge a book by its cover, amirite?

You will find the full recipe and many others on the Great Day Farms site! Now go and get your chow on!

Note: You will find hard-boiled eggs from Great Day Farms in the deli section of Walmart. Go to the area of the deli that sells the sandwiches you would purchase for lunch and look for a soft plastic container of deliciousness. Easy peasy! 

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