Horrible Housewife Disclosure Statement for my trip to Reid Dairy Farm

Sooo… I was one of the bloggers invited to tour Reid Dairy Farm last month. Pretty rad, right? I mean, I did grow up on a mini farm, my family is from Iowa, and we can’t forget my lack of womanly habits. You know, those things I learned how to do about a month ago? Yeah… those.

Pssstt. Come closer so I can tell you something. There is a giveaway at the end of this post. 

How style survived the tour of Reid Dairy Farm #midairy

I totally went to the dairy farm dressed a fool because, when all else fails, go barefoot and roll up your jeans. I’m not even joking. I loathe wearing shoes as much as Michael hates the fact I leave poopy diapers upstairs for him to take to the garbage. My poopy diaper logic is as such- if I have to change the diaper, he has to smell it when he gets home.

But I digress…


Puh- puh- puh- leeze! This video makes me feel like a grown up vlogger! Squee!

It looks like someone learned how to edit her videos! <~ Said in her best Happy Gilmore voice.

Let’s get the elephants out of the room first:

  • No, I didn’t step in any cow dung.
  • No, it didn’t smell as bad as you would think.
  • Yes, the milking parlor looked like the coolest nursing/pumping room EVER! The milk dropped in my own teats during that part of the tour.
Reid Dairy Farm has some big cows! #midairy

I learned a big positive about Michigan while I was down on the dairy farm, apparently Michigan was ranked 8th in the country in 2012 for total milk production, producing 4.4% of the nation’s milk supply. I think that will make a great rebuttal when people hear I live near ‘oh so dangerous’ Flint, MI.

Them, “You live where? Isn’t it scary living near one of the most dangerous cities in the US?”

Me, ” Meh, I don’t even think about it because our cows have superior lactation capabilities, AKA- top 5 in the country”

Reid Dairy Farm started their dairy farm 35 years ago with 50 cows #midairy

Two things stood out to me during my visit to Reid Dairy Farm:

  • The farm has great sustainability practices: solar roof panels, recycled water, manure fertilizer, etc.
  • They love every single member of their 220 cow and 190 young(er) cow family. Heck, they shipped sand in for their beds because it is more comfortable for them! Which got me thinking, I think someone should scratch the waterbed idea and implement a sand bed for us people folk.

You must take care of your animals if you want to make money as a farmer. #midairy

— Horrible Housewife (@HorridHousewife) June 14, 2013

United Dairy Industry of Michigan invited bloggers out to Reid Dairy Farm to learn about the dairy industry #midairy


  • 7/13/13- Ottawa County Breakfast on the Farm hosted by Walt Dairy Farm, Coopersville, MI
  • 8/17/13- Gratiot County Breakfast on the Farm hosted by Humm Farm LLC Brekenridge, MI
  • 9/7/13- Montcalm County Breakfast on the Farm hosted by Black Locost Farms LLC Stanton, MI
  • 9/21/13- Hillsdale County Breakfast on the Farm hosted by Ferry Farms LLC Litchfield, MI

You can find out more information about acquiring free tickets for Breakfast on the Farm online.

Reid Dairy Farm is located in Jeddo Michigan #midairy

Be sure to connect with Michigan Dairy News Bureau & Reid Dairy Farm on Facebook.

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