Dollar store crafts that will make your superhero party awesome- superhero capes, masks, and city buildings

This is gonna be a good one. Like, wire your jaw shut right meow because you will be shocked once I explain how dirt cheap a superhero party can be. Who would have thunk it, amirite? When I decided to throw a Guardians of the Galaxy party, I was all “How will I ever pay for this? I know, I can donate blood. Or eggs. Or become a surrogate.” Except… I’m already a host to one demanding parasite.

Okay, so what’s a party planner to do? (Crying and hooking were not options.)

We go shopping and look at the supplies available to us in a different light! For real. I shop A LOT because inspiration is lurking around every corner. Orrrrr… I have a shopping problem.


  • Empty Cardboard Boxes
  • Plastic Tablecloth (Black and Yellow)
  • Glue (On hand)
  • Scissors (On hand)
  • Tape (On hand)

Since I clearly have a shopping problem, I saved the large cardboard boxes that showed up at my door for this superhero party project. You can always visit your local grocery store, pizza place, etc. if you are lacking in the oversize box department. Then all you do is wrap the boxes in the black tablecloth like they are giant presents and glue yellow windows to it.


How to make dollar store superhero masks for a superhero party

And what’s a superhero party without masks? A whole lotta of no fun, that’s what.


  • Foam
  • Construction Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors (On hand)
  • Pen (On hand)

I free handed the mask template on the foam rectangle (about 3 to a sheet) before testing the size out on Michael’s face. You can always trim but you can’t make the mask bigger once you cut.

Tie ribbon to the foam superhero mask

Then I poked a hole through each end and attached about 24 inches of ribbon to each side.

Dollar store superhero masks for our superhero party

Simple. Simple and oh so precious. Or whatever adjective superheros prefer.

 Dollar store supplies to make superhero capes for our superhero party

And then you have superhero capes. In a perfect world I would’ve made badass capes out of fabric. Only… I’m not rich and my sewing machine is buried somewhere in my craft room throw all the things I don’t have time to deal with in room, so I got crafty. Oh so crafty.


  • Plastic Tablecloths
  • Scissors (On hand)

I ended up cutting the capes into a rough 24×24 inch square because I wasn’t sure what size to go with and Michael was napping.

 Simply tie the superhero cape around the child when they arrive to the superhero party

Turns out rough cuts are A-OK because you can tie the knot and tighten it until it fits.

If the cape is way too big you can always trim the knot before sending your little superheros on their way. It doesn’t have to look professional because 1- they will wear the crap out of it and wreck it, or 2- you will cut it off of them before bed because they are still wearing the crap out of it.

Simple superhero crafts for an frugal superhero party

See? Does it get any better than their imaginations running wild? I think not. If fact, it would make my uterus hurt if it wasn’t already stretched to kingdom come.

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