Waking Up to a Mustache {Advent Calendar Day 4}

Let me tell you a little story about the mustache that shocked the nation. Watch the entire life of Michael’s mustache in this video Conversations like that truly do exist in our household! I don’t know how I found a man who thinks everything that escapes the depths of his throat deserves a chuckle, but…

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Goodbye Body Odor! Hello Armpit Fetish?

It’s no secret how often I shower, or don’t shower. Body odor just comes with the dirty girl territory. So why do men get all hot and bothered when they call us dirty girls, but when we actually are dirty girls, with armpit hair, they get strictly hands off? Men can be just as confusing…

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Would You Like Some Body Hair with That?

“One day soon the Gillette company will announce the development of a razor that, thanks to a computer microchip, can actually travel ahead in time and shave beard hairs that don’t even exist yet” -Dave Barry Yep, I put that out there. I have no shame airing my dirty laundry or rather, my poor hygiene…

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