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Thank You

The Secret Sisterhood of Bloggers

I need to get sappy for a minute here. I will be done with my monthly bleed by the end of this post so hang tight.

We all love swag, money and recognition but there are a few more rewarding aspects in this Mom Blogger thing. Actually, the juicy goodness of what I do isn’t even about that unless you are talking to Michael. All he can focus on is the bottom line because he is a slave driver but that is not motivates me. I won’t lie and say that it doesn’t help keep me grounded though! ?

Blogging is this secret Sisterhood of awesome women and I don’t know what I would do without them! I feel like we are back on the playground reppin our crew or something. “You got my six? Hells yeah I got your six with my sippy cup!”

Being a new Blogger BLOWS because you want to grow, grow, grow overnight and that is sooo not the way that it works! I think my strong desire to ‘mentor’ new Bloggers on certain things is because I had an awful time in the beginning and did just about everything wrong.

Oh my goodness do I remember when I first started and how I wish I would have had someone to help guide me through the wilderness of building my empire! Do I ever remember how AWFUL my work used to be! I remember when my pictures went from a camera phone to a dslr and then from small to large. I also remember when I realized that I wasn’t writing for me or even how I am in real life! {Did you see the big read firetruck pass by?}

I got this awesome card from Jillian over at Mommy Testers. This girl was a rockstar before I started helping her so I was on cloud 9 when I got the mail yesterday! I am pretty easy to please and my girlfriends and I do cards like this so this was SO ME.

Jillian is the Mom that I will never be because her house is spotless in all of her pictures! Give her some love on the Mommy Testers Facebook page or on her site because she deserves it.

So really this is a 350 word thank you note. You would think I was a woman or something with all of these feelings! Ewwwww! ?

To balance this whole thing out I will say that because I wanted to thank Jillian in such a public way I am up at 2am now! I had all of my posts scheduled for the week and she pulls a quick one on me. Naughty Jillian!

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