I never thought I would become ‘one of them’. I never thought I would willingly give up most of the things my household holds so dear to their heart: frosting, ice cream, etc. I have officially become one of those moms who fusses over nutritional labels, food dyes, and …GASP… ingredients. I’m talking about one of the moms who lashed out on Twitter because KFC advertised their kids meal as healthy. Yes, I am okay knowing I have joined the clean(er) eating crazies.

The day I became one of them and started buying more fruits and vegetables #freshnfruti #cbias


I will never forget the day I became ‘one of them’. I ran into the gas station on the way to a birthday party to buy a couple overpriced green juices because I didn’t get a chance to juice that morning. I sucked up the out of line price tag because I refused to get stuck with the temptation of sugary sodas surrounding me. I am strong. I will triumph over my sugary desires.

My heart beamed proud rays of “that’s my kid” as Michael ran around snatching vegetables from the food trays and annihilating pizza, all while drinking his green juice. (Pizza is included in our 20% allowance.)

Then I helped cut the cake.

It was a cake any child would love to have at their party. Heck, daddy Michael turned into a 4 year old when he saw a cake full of things we don’t have in our house. I admit I died a little inside when I realized this was the only dessert option. I thought to myself, “I should eat an all white piece because the others are chock full of food dye.”

It was at that very moment I became ‘one of them’.

Fruti natural fruit bars makes being one of them easier #freshnfruti #cbias

I am slowly winning over my family with tasty Paleo cookiesdaily juicing, and gluten free splurges. You see, I am okay with slow and steady if it means I win the overall lifestyle race. With that said, I need to admit my secret weapon that rivals ice cream. I’m not even joking, guys! Chunks O’ Fruti® makes 100% natural fruit bars that have become a staple in my household. Honest to goodness… they have replaced any trace of ice cream in our freezer.

I have found something in Fruti I never thought I would, unless I payed out the rear like I do for my Paleo ingredients. These fruit bars don’t have any additional colors or flavors because REAL fruit is the first, and main, ingredient AKA no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Give it up for all natural food where the fruit & water-based bars are verified by the Non-GMO Project! *Insert round of applause*

Guess what, I didn’t have to trek down to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to purchase our Fruti bars! Kudos to Sam’s Club for trying to offer better options for families with different food requirements. The box is even separated into smaller ones so we can shove them in between all of our frozen chicken.

And now my journey for more delectable finds to share with my oh-so-skeptical family continues.

Although I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community, I was NOT compensated (or asked) to write a post about Chunks O’ Fruti®. I wanted to share my born again eating habits with you so you could be just as shocked as I was. ?

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