This is Michael’s closet which drives me a little batty but I try not to go all OCD on his fine behind like he does to me with the pillows.  The bedding OCD problem is a post to come because that is a beast of it’s own!  How in the heck is he OK with this train wreck of a closet?

This is my side of the closet and even this make me a little crazy because it is a hodge podge of organization right now.  I used to organize everything by tanks, tees, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeve etc so it was easy to find a top.  I have gotten lazy as of recent but I just don’t have the time to be crazy organized anymore.

You would think that is would be easy to tell where everything goes in my closet right?  Apparently not because when my laundry would get put away, 2 weeks later, I would find capri pants on top of my full length pants and shirts on top of my shorts.  So between that and wrinkled clothes I told him to stop trying to help me out by doing my laundry  because it would send me to the funny farm and we now do our own laundry.

Is that terrible?  It can’t be too bad because I take care of my own laundry and the baby’s laundry.  The loads that I do wash always get put away too.  Well, Baby Michael’s is currently all over his nursery floor but it is not in the laundry room.  You know that I like to celebrate the small victories  Michael thinks I am a wench unreasonable and doesn’t get why I do my laundry separate from his but it makes sense to me.

My name is Mallery and I am a laundry freak.

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