Organizing your laundry in your closet #purex

Do you remember when the laundry saga began and then continued on? We had some first world problems going on for a minute there! I am so proud of my Horrible Husband and his newly organized closet right now; go ahead and give him a round of applause! <Insert clapping> It was so cute because out of the blue it was:

Him “Babe, come upstairs and look at something.”
Me “What is it? I’m in the middle of something!” {We’ve already established that I am a horrible person.}
Him “Just come upstairs for a minute.”
<Insert the dragging of the feet to walk upstairs>

Sorting dirty clothes for the laundry #Purex


This awesome laundry sorter is the best invention on the planet! Seriously, you need one, like yesterday. It only fits one week of Michael’s clothes because, you know, he changes his clothes every day. I won’t tell you how often I change my clothes so we will just say I have a basket on my side of the bed that serves me well. ?

Purex plus Oxi laundry detergent #Purex

Laundry detergent is a really big deal for Michael because of a couple things: how it smells as a liquid, does it smell good in the wash, do his clothes smell good after they are dry, and whether or not his clothes smell good after they have been in the closet. Are you catching my drift?

Michael is a Tide snob, and now you are thinking to yourself that I just brought up Tide in a Purex post, but Tide is expensive unless you stalk some crazy coupon deals. I no longer have time to stalk crazy coupon deals because I have this thing called Godzilla who is 16 months old and a crazy work schedule.


We tried different liquid detergents out and guess what happened? Michael is perfectly happy with his cost effective, smell good Tide alternative; that’s a big deal to all of you Tide users out there. Bring your nose out of the clouds and embrace a liquid laundry detergent that isn’t going to break the bank and WORKS.

Clean clothes piled up in the laundry room #Purex

In case you didn’t visit the previous laundry posts, the picture on the left is the before picture and the picture on the right is more recent. There is just no amount of detergent plus Oxi that will get us to stop leaving clean clothes in the laundry room. Although, these do appear to be my clothes that he washed and just left in the laundry room… <Annoyed>

I received this Purex in order to facilitate my review. All opinions, experiences, and horribly lit pictures are my own.

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