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There Just Might Be Hope For My Garden!

This Memorial Day weekend we spent 3 days outside wasting time and money trying to beautify our yard. I knew that it would be ugly this year because we bought from the clearance section of Lowe’s and some of our hostas were transplants from Michael’s Mother’s house. I never would have predicted that we would get a drought and that the amount of ugly we would experience would triple. EVERYTHING died!

We finally had a weekend to relax get caught up on some yard work so I checked things out. Apparently Michael has saved our poor excuse of a garden! Thank goodness for him because he religiously watered our yard of a desert this Summer.

Do you see the new growth in the hosta above or can you only see the weeds that hide what new growth that we have? HA! Some of the plants did die and some plants should come around next year. Having a drought makes gardening too high maintenance for my liking. I think I shall trade gardening for more wine.

The vegetable garden is pretty much all dead. Between our gutters being crap, lack of sunlight, taking too long to plant and our drought we will be lucky if we get a pepper or two. The basil is even dead might come back next year. I really hope that this makes all of you green thumbs feel better if you are experiencing a low yielding crop this year because it could look like this.

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