How to make Thor hammer cupcakes for a Marvel Avengers party

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know cupcakes are my jam.

Who am I kidding?

So are cookies and candies. Cake, though? Not so much. Serving a cake to your party guests is such a drag. Like, I just slaved away on a party of epic proportions and would like to sit here enjoying my cocktail. Oh… and your company. Obviously your company. That’s why I invited you over, no?

Gathering supplies to make Thor hammer cupcakes for our Marvel Avengers party

My super rad girlfriend, Lindsay, has been helping me out with pictures since, yanno, holding a camera is next to impossible these days. I wish it was due to my fresh from the womb attachment, but it’s more about my wicked awesome body nomming on itself. Not quite the same thing but close. That means you get to check out all of the junk in my trunk while I deviate from the cupcake tutorial. Hey girl, hey!

My bad.

Supplies needed to make Thor hammer cupcakes for my Mavel Avengers party


Spraying the marshmallow Thor hammers silver to set on top of the Thor hammer cupcakes for my Mavel Avengers party

Start by spraying giant chubby bunny marshmallows with silver color mist. I have a heavy hand so I blew through the bottle in about 6 marshmallows. Be better than me… set the baby down and take your time.

Note: This mist smells like death when you first spray it, but don’t worry, it does nothing to the taste. So weird.

Getting ready to frost the Thor hammer cupcakes for my Mavel Avengers party

I would like to take a minute for a shout out to my home girl Betty Crocker. Semi-homemade is how I go with 95% of my cupcakes and no one cares. That, and I would curl up in the corner and rock if my Wilton piping thingiemabopper turned up missing. I’ve got shortcuts for days, yo.

Adding a little bit of frosting to the Thor hammer cupcakes for my Mavel Avengers party

And because I have no shame…

I just learned how to frost a pretty cupcake. Don’t ask me why I didn’t think to find a YouTube tutorial sooner because I will just shrug and give you the I don’t know face, but I did.

Thor hammer cupcakes are so easy to make you can do it while holding a sleeping infant

Proof that I really did get my cupcake on while Maverick snoozed on my shoulder.

Adding a pretzel rod to the silver marshmallow to finish the Thor hammer cupcakes for my Mavel Avengers party

Next, stick a pretzel in the middle of the marshmallow until it doesn’t push back out.

Bracing the giant marshamallow Thor hammer with a toothpick

This was the point when I realized my dramatic Thor hammer was too large to stay in place on its own, so I placed a toothpick in the undercarriage.

Note: Remove before consuming unless you are into prickly pear situations.

What the toothpick looks like inside of the Thor hammer cupcakes for my Mavel Avengers party

The toothpick provides enough of a brace that the Thor hammers don’t fall off when they are on display. That said, I make no promises if you plan on transporting them.

Thor hammer cupcakes for my Marvel Avengers party made from giant marshmallows and pretzel rods

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Stay tuned for another Marvel party featuring another type of cupcake! Yanno, because Thor might not be your thing. Although I’m not sure what kind of woman would admit that Chris Hemsworth doesn’t make his way into her dreams…

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