This Tie Dye Party is part of the Tie Dye Your Summer campaign with Tulip® and Blueprint Social. The opinions and party ideas are my own.

How to throw a Tie Dye Party with Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit®

I’ve been dying (See what I did there?) to do work on this party for the kids. How often is it okay for a tiny human to let loose with paint without any repercussions? Okay, fine. What I mean is… how often does that happen in our home?

Answer- never.


Paint splatter cupcake wrappers and rainbow swirled lollipops make the best cupcakes for a Tye Dye Party

This is not the party plan to follow if you are looking for healthy. Unless, of course, you are looking for good, healthy fun. With this party, my only mission was unapologetic fun. And sugar.

So much sugar.

Trix marshmallow bars are easy to make for a tie dye party

I made marshmallows bars with Trix cereal.

Add colorful sugar cookies to your tie dye party

We had colorful sugar cookies.

Fruit snacks are really easy to set out for the kids attending your tie dye party

And I finished off the treats with the ever popular fruit snack.

Dress up water bottles for your tie dye party with tie dye duct tape

The water bottles were wrapped with a paint splatter duct tape.

A picnic blanket is easy for the kids at your tie dye party to enjoy their treats

And we traded the traditional table and chairs for a cozy picnic blanket.


Paints are a cute way to display food at your tie dye party

I knew I was throwing a tie dye party, but the decorations didn’t come together until I found these amazing paint cans. I was meant to go shopping that day. Some call it fate.

I call it fuel for my ridiculous shopping habits.



Mix and match your utensils to fit your tie dye party

I filled one paint can with tie dye napkins and a hodge podge of colorful cutlery.

Dress up the tables at your tie dye party with bright flowers

I dressed up one activity table with colorful flowers.

Make a tee pee for the kids to play in during your tie dye party

And I made a teepee. For real. I made a teepee because who wouldn’t want one? I mean, c’mon… it’s a teepee.

I want a teepee.


I had two paint themed activities for the kids because I wasn’t sure how the tie dye would go over with toddlers.

Spoiler. My clothes made it the entire party without any battle wounds.


To make the perfect tie dye station for your tie dye party, provide your guests with white t-shirts and Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit®

The Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® came with everything we needed to tie dye our white shirts.

The Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit® comes with gloves to keep your hands clean

We put our gloves on.

Kids of all ages can tie dye at your tie dye party with a little help from their parents

I let Michael pick out his colors. (red, blue, and pink)

Kids are messy so protecting your surroundings with plastic is important

And he made a shirt only a mother could love. It was perfect. The kit made the entire process so easy!


Add a paint splatter station for the young kids attending your tie dye party

Once we were done making shirts, we moved on to the paint splatter station. Now, the kids didn’t know what tie dye meant, but they understood when I said they could throw paint at a canvas.

Fill eggs with paint so the kids can throw them at their canvas

I filled <clean> eggs with washable paint.

The kids will look forward to the paint splatter station because they get to throw paint

And tried my best to keep Michael entertained while he not so patiently waited for Leah.

The kids can throw or pour their paint on the canvas

Make sure you use washable paint for the paint splatter station at your tie dye party

The kids are still too young to give the eggs a hard enough chuck, so there was a bit of pouring going on, but it worked.

After the kids get to paint and tie dye their shirts, they will enjoy spending time in their tee pee

When the tie dye party starts to die down, spend time with the kids lounging around on the picnic blanket

I consider this a mission accomplished.

At the end of the tie dye party, the only paint on my child was a splatter of orange from the eggs

Mission accomplished sans dyed hands.

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Easy party ideas to help you throw a fun tie dye party

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