Homegirl needs a vacation. Preferably somewhere warm, sans poopy diapers and the lingering aroma of spit-up. A vacation that allows me to slip into my slinky maternity swimsuit and shake the modified version of what my mama gave me. Yanno, with a husband who managed to hit the gym weekly during my oh so inactive pregnancy.

The struggle, you guys. The struggle.

Seeing how finding a sitter for two kids is the equivalent of asking for someone’s first born, I shelved my island dreams and created a tropical vacation… in my backyard. Totally the same, no?


This party was a breeze (See what I did right there? Breeze? Get it?) to throw together. I’m talking like 24 hours from conception to execution.

Start by finding a tree to hang festive pineapple paper lanterns from.

Buy some brown sugar. Yes, brown sugar. I opened our sandbox and… uh… let’s just say that its current condition requires a hazmat suit. Note to self: The lid isn’t an optional feature.

You can fill the coconut with color coordinated leis if you want more color, but I opted for the more traditional greenery so it didn’t compete with my pillows. I think the centerpiece turned out classy. Classy like my alter ego.

And what would a tropical vacation party be without Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts? Maybe even a bit of limbo? Kidding. I am definitely not as limber as my once legs over the shoulder self.

Which is why I opted for Hawaiian shirt napkins and hula skirts for our beverages.

Oh, and, don’t forget the leis. Leis and tiki torches are actual requirements. I hung a lei on the back of each chair so they could act as decorations until the party got going. We all know how it takes people an adult beverage or two to dress up.


Believe it or not, ocean cupcakes are not difficult to create. Honest to goodness. Go ‘head and purchase a package of paper umbrellas and keep the brown sugar handy. You definitely do not want to confuse the previously mentioned sand from the sandbox with the brown sugar.

Note: I will update the party plan when my ocean cupcakes tutorial goes live.

Add some chips and salsa.

Watermelon fruit bowl filled with watermelon and honeydew for a tropical vacation party

And festive bowls of fruit.

And coconut shrimp. Because coconut anything is automatically tropical.

And a themed adult beverage. Yanno, like a beverage called Palm Breeze. Palm Breeze that also happens to come fully equipped with images of palm trees and a crystal clear ocean. How’s that for party planning convenience?

It evens comes in two tropical flavors- Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange. <AND> I just might be sipping on a pineapple mandarin orange at this very moment. Write drunk, edit sober?


Drink responsibly, ya goons!

Note: Consider yourself lucky if you live in a city hosting a Palm Breeze girl’s night out:

Let’s talk taste so you can decide if it fits your party plan.

Palm Breeze is a flavored malt beverage, sort of like a beer. It says flavored beer on the can, but it didn’t make me gaggy like beer does. It also didn’t make my teeth fuzzy like some of the sweet, lady friendly drinks do. I guess that makes it a lady beer? A beer for you and your girlfriends? Whatever you classify it as, you will find it with the other beer.


I might be too awkward for limbo, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get down on a fire. I love me some caveman TV! It’s the perfect activity. Unless you are the one sitting in the smoke cloud repeating ‘I like rabbits’ like it does something.

How to decorate a tropical vacation party

So, what do you think? Will a tropical vacation party suffice?


I know the answer is no but I tried. ‘A’ for effort?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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