Resyndication disclosure for Collective Bias and the ultimate toddler party

Are you in the market for a brilliant toddler party idea? I’m talking about a party idea worthy of earning you the mom of the year award. Well, Jess happens to be the creator of said idea and another one of my blog crushes because she is uberific. She is so flippin’ nice. Way nicer than I will ever be. And let’s not even compare our ladylike personas because I will lose. And I mean crash and burn when I say lose.

Jess's disclosure for the ultimate toddler party
ultimate toddler birthday party with Disney Pixar Cars #dreamyparty #shop #cbias

Even though I love crafting and being creative, parties are not my strong suit.  Sure, I spend hours upon hours (upon hours) pinning ah-mazing party and decor photos, but seriously?  I have nowhere near the time or money needed to create that kind of awesomeness for a three hour shindig.  My parties are usually limited to a few streamers, a cute cake and some finger sandwiches but this time I wanted more.  Since the cake is the centerpiece of any birthday party, I started there.  I wanted something simple, small (because there are only 3 eating) and delicious.  I had never tried one before, but the Deco Pac birthday cakes at Walmart are super cute so I ordered one the day before the party.  I also picked up some adorable Hallmark Dream Party kits to decorate the room with.

Can you say awesome?!!  The kids loved running around the yard chasing each other (and us) in their cars, and even stopped for a photo-op in the Winner’s Circle for us.

I’d say this party is going to be hard for me to top thanks to Disney & Hallmark.  I can’t believe how easy, inexpensive and amazing it was with as little effort as I put into it!

Need more toddler party ideas?

Jess’s toddler party car craft might have you all scaredy pants to visit her Cars Dream Party but, rest assured, this chick is low maintenance. Her mantra is closer to the ‘less is more’ spectrum and everything from her party is extremely simple.

Go visit. Be merry. Don’t fall in love with her and never come back. Kthanks!

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