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I have been sitting at the computer all day debating on the direction for my third and final Kleenex Hand Towel post. I failed to mention the Tonka Truck birthday party was also acting as the last time I would see Kyle before he left for Afghanistan because I don’t deal until it is time to deal. Well… I thought it would be the last time.

(Warning- This isn’t one of my typical posts.)

Deployment tears your heart in two, only reconnected at homecoming quote for my brother going to Afghanistan

As I was trying to figure out which pictures I wanted to use from the Tonka Truck birthday party, I found Tonka Truck crafts and a ridiculous amount of paleo food. I also found pictures of the birthday tantrum and pictures of a cake covered toddler opening presents. Even though those party pictures would make a better post for Pinterest, the pictures that stood out to me, as a mom and a sister, were the pictures of Uncle Kyle with Michael. Never in my life would I have imagined their relationship rivalling that of a child and their grandparent. Never.

Uncle Kyle playing with Michael in the bounce house before leaving for Afghanistan


I know the video was short and sweet but let’s be honest, they did the same thing ALL DAY LONG and that is only interesting to an outsider for so long. And don’t get your panties in a bunch because toddlers are OBVIOUSLY not more work.

My brother Kyle hanging out with us at Michael's birthday party before leaving for Afghanistan

As they were playing I started thinking…

Where did the days of ‘fat boys’ and Chyna body slams go? When was my foul mouthed brother replaced with someone who would rather play in the bounce house instead of monitoring the kids from the adult area? Has he really grown up that much already? I can only imagine how much growth will occur while he is in Afghanistan. I hope, for his fiance’s sake, he doesn’t come back completely different. I mean, we do have him to thank for our oh so delightful 2 year old. (That is DEFINITELY a story for another post.)

Beating up Uncle Kyle before he leaves for Afghanistan

And what birthday party would be complete without a toddler smackdown? The lack of diaper was an interesting element and I must say I was quite disappointed he wasn’t peed on. Like really disappointed. So who had more fun at the birthday party? Was it the toddler who has no idea the party was for him, or the oversized man child who knows he is going to miss Christmas this year? You can be the judge of that one.

Much to my surprise, Kyle’s flight connected in O’Hare as I was there waiting for my flight! What are the odds I would get to see him when the hustle and bustle of the entire family went away? It was perfect and I held up our no cry pact. At least he can always count on me for dry eyes!

For the record, the party was fabulous (more on that later) and the Kleenex Hand Towels rocked the bathroom scene! Trust me when I say this because I used them long before this fancy schmancy sponsored post came along. Heck, I still remember my coupon days when people were clearing the shelves of Kleenex Hand Towels because it was a great deal!

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