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Upcycled cupcake tower craft tutorial explaining how to turn an empty diaper box, vegetable can, and Gerber snack food container into cute party decorations. #lifeforless #PMedia #ad

What would you say if I told you these cupcake stands were made from recycled materials? And I don’t mean plastic made from recycled materials. I’m talking like straight out of the recycling bin, recycled. Hello, thrifty! 

Upcycled Cupcake Tower supplies #lifeforless #PMedia #ad


  • Diaper box
  • Empty toddler snack container
  • Empty vegetable can
  • Liquid Nails
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Self healing mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Ribbon (optional)

And don’t you dare sit there and pretend like you don’t keep those suckers for storage. We all know empty diaper boxes make fabulous storage containers on the cheap! Where else do you hoard all of the recycled items you for sure need to keep in case you come across something cool on Pinterest? *cough* like this *cough*

We all know that’s a thing.

In my world.

Upcycled Cupcake Tower (step 1)- trace a 6 inch circle on the cardboard. #lifeforless #PMedia #ad

I knew the maximum size I could cut out of one side was 11 inches so I opted for two cake plates measuring (roughly) 6 and 11 inches.

Crafting tip- Make your life easy and find round items to trace. (e.g. I used an 11-ish inch cake plate and a 6-ish inch saucer.

Upcycled Cupcake Tower (step 2)- use a rotary cutter to cut out the cardboard circle. #lifeforless #PMedia #ad

Prepare to put a bit of elbow grease into cutting out your circles because there will be fewer imperfections if you get it right the first time. Talk about cracking the whip, eh?

You see, my OCD was hella concerned with lopsided circles so I pushed like there was no tomorrow. Sort of like that one time… in that one room…

Upcycled Cupcake Tower (step 3)- Apply Liquid Nails to the rim of the base. #lifeforless #PMedia #ad

This is one of the few times you are allowed to be generous as you apply glue to a craft. The beauty of this project (outside of it costing pennies) is that you can’t see the seal once you flip it over. I highly doubt your party guests will approach the table to peek at your cupcake tower’s undercarriage. Who does that? And if they do… you need to have an OCD intervention with them.

Just sayin’.

Upcycled Cupcake Tower (step 5)- Make sure the Liquid Nails is covering the entire seam. #lifeforless #PMedia #ad

I like to run my finger around the seal to make it a wee bit tidier because I am one of those crazy cats who notices the minor imperfections mentioned above. (At least I’m honest?)

Crafting tip- Liquid Nails is one of the best adhesives I have used to bind my upcycled cupcake towers. It’s an extremely durable, easy to apply adhesive. Just embrace it.

Upcycled cupcake tower tutorial (step 7)- glue ribbon around the edges to hide the cardboard detail. #lifeforless #PMedia

(Not pictured) I spray painted the plates green to match Michael’s upcoming John Deere birthday party theme.

  • Yes- I’ve been planning for months.
  • Yes- Invites will go out in June.
  • No- I’m not a lunatic.

Optional- I lined the edge of the plates with E6000 and wrapped a ribbon around each plate. Why? Because I didn’t like the cardboard details giving away my el cheapo secret, and I think ribbon classes things up a bit.

Relaxing after finishing my upcycled cupcake tower craft with the latest edition of All You and a cupcake. #lifeforless #PMedia #ad

So how did I come up with this genius, if I do same so myself, idea?

I throw a ton of parties. You know this. And even though it looks like I drop oodles of benjamins on each one, I don’t. Which is why you will see upcycled cupcake tower tutorials, among other tutorials, pop up here and there. I promise you don’t have to break the bank every stinkin’ party. Blogger’s honor!

Confession- The April edition of All You gave me the kick in the rear that I needed to get this series rolling. There were plenty of pretty cake plates all over this month’s edition, and we all know All You magazine is the thrifty Holy Grail. It just made sense.

*Bonus* Print out this $1 coupon (while supplies last) before heading out to Meijer because All You magazine is now available at retailers nationwide. Whoop! Whoop!

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