Upnorth Traditions

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Going upnorth to the cabin means the start of new family traditions like fishing and staying up late

Traditions are like male pattern baldness, passed down from generation to generation. – Horrible Housewife

We have certain upnorth traditions like chubby dipping, catching grass bass, and throwing down on some strawberry jam, just to name a few. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about our shared apple pie goodness. And I don’t mean the apple pie goodness that comes from a warm apple pie. Nah, more along the lines of apple pie courage stirred with a delightful cinnamon stick. The courage that helps grown children wade out to the neighbor’s raft and freeze their bubble butts off because the logical part of their brains hasn’t fully developed, or has died, whatever makes more sense in this situation.

Note- I have never admitted to being intelligent. Or I just don’t care. I’m not really sure, you pick.

One of Michael's upnorth traditions is stopping at Arby's in Standish with grandpa

I’m just going to throw this out there for people who don’t know my family, we eat, like to the point of calling dinner a family tradition. We eat because Daddy Michael has class until way too late. We eat because it’s Sunday dinner. We eat. And my kid got the eating memo in utero. He eats his grandparents out of house and home before my mom has a chance to realize the clamshell of strawberries is missing. Five pounds of bacon? Check!  Special stop at Arby’s in Standish? But of course!

I even do the good mom thing when we stop at Arby’s by getting him apples, chicken, and milk for his meal. Yanno, because that’s what good moms do, or so everyone tells me.  He gets all “nuh-uh” on me because his everyday diet already consists of boring foods like fruit and vegetables. I don’t even stand a chance because he knows what’s up when it comes to curly fries. He KNOWS where Standish is because it means food. Do you blame him?

Find an Arby’s and start your own family traditions with a Grand Turkey Club or Grand Turkey Ham Club sandwich. Dudes, don’t try and argue with my endorsement of turkey (And ham for the Grand Turkey Ham Club), Swiss Cheese, pepper bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a Harvest Wheat bun! I for real chow on Arby’s when I need a quick bite because Arby’s is, and always has been, righteous.

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