Last week there was a stench in my house that I could just not find and after some help from people on Horrible Housewife’s Facebook page I figured it out! It was my green onions in water that was causing a stink in the kitchen! Maybe it was because I had too much water in them? I don’t know but that gave me the brilliant idea to plant them instead.

This is a perfect example of why my craft hording closet it a beautiful thing. I was able to go upstairs and grab 2 old Del Monte fruit cans to turn into my container gardens!  It really was simple. I needed 2 cans, 1 sheet of scrapbook paper, spray adhesive, pen, ruler, knife, drill and my cutting board.

My cans measure about 4.5 inches so I measured it out and I got two cans on one piece of paper.  I prefer using a knife to cut things because it seems to come out more exact to me.

Next I sprayed my cans with some spray adhesive and let it sit for a minute.

Wrapping my paper around the jar was easy! I just set the can on the table and wrapped it all around. When I got to the little overlap part I just sprayed it with the adhesive and continued to wrap.

Since my cans were slightly under 4.5 inches I took my knife and trimmed the tops so they looked cleaner. I thought trimming it after versus making it exact in the beginning was easier. There is nothing worse than getting all the way done with a project and finding out that you messed up along the way!

I was thinking about it and a layer of Mod Podge or some other sealer would be a good idea over the paper. It just so happened that I was out of my spray sealer so I had to skip it for now. I told Michael that the next time he goes to the hardware store he has to pick me up a couple of cans so I can finish my projects.

This craft is too easy and too cheap not to do it!

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