Waking Up to a Mustache {Advent Calendar Day 4}

2013 Wine advent calendar - mustache #winewithmallery

Let me tell you a little story about the mustache that shocked the nation.

Watch the entire life of Michael’s mustache in this video

Conversations like that truly do exist in our household! I don’t know how I found a man who thinks everything that escapes the depths of his throat deserves a chuckle, but I did. I love him but the jokes… yeah… about the jokes.

At least my sister is on his level.

My husband came home from work with a new mustache #winewithmallery

Here is how we arrived at the above mustache picture

Michael started growing his Thanksgiving beard out early this year for whatever reason, but I don’t think he realized at that point he wanted a mustache. He didn’t jump on the manscaping bandwagon until I got caught up in Movember and told him to go get his shit checked. {Inserts foot in mouth.}

And here’s where things get interesting…

I went to give my child his first of three daily baths and found a Wookie where my bathtub normally would be.

“What the…?”


“One second, dude!” <~ I really do call him dude.

“Bubble bath?”

“I know, man, I’m just as confused as you are.”

Facebook responses to my husband's new mustache #winewithmallery

(Click on the image to enlarge the Facebook conversation.)

That mother effer walked in the door at the end of the day ready to record my reaction to his new mustache! I couldn’t even look at him without DYING! It’s true! I sucked something down the wrong windpipe and sure as shit, I started coughing.

I died a little inside each time I had to look at the creepy crawly on his face. Ugh!

At least it’s gone… for now…

Ps: We did drink wine {Wine with Mallery – Wine with Michael – Wine with Mustache} and it was tasty. We popped the top on the Merlot we brought back from our honeymoon at South Coast Winery.

I think I should make a trip out to California just for more wine. Yes. A trip to California for wine needs to happen.

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