I made watermelon shots with Sweet’N Low as part of a series of sponsored posts for Socialstars. #SweetNLowStars

I haven’t quite figured out where the idea for watermelon shots came from, but I woke up one morning with the crazy idea for something fun. And I’m not talking about Go Fish and finger painting. Fun for grown-ups.

Pregnancy dreams? Probably. My fellow moms know what I’m talking about. You dream about the first time you are able to get together to shake your tail feathers after delivering a baby.

“Look out, momma bear has a sitter tonight! WOOOOTTT!”

And then curse the entire experience the next day because one drink has the ability to knock you on your hind quarters.


  • 1 part Watermelon Infused Rum (Put 1/2 cup chopped watermelon in a 12 ounce jar of rum for about a week.)
  • 1 part Mint Simple Syrup (Dissolve 8 tsp of Sweet’N Low and 10 or so mint leaves in 1 cup of boiling water to create the syrup.)
  • Watermelon slices

There really isn’t much to watermelon shots. I had an abundance of watermelon after a labor intensive school snack, so I started infusing the rum. Then, the day before I wanted Michael to decide whether we should use mint or basil, I made the mint simple syrup and cut the watermelon slices. I even set up a tasting station for Michael so he could try my fun little concoction multiple ways.

  • Soak the slices in boozy goodness 24 hours before serving. (Think back to your days of jungle juice.)


  • Create shooters, much like a tequila shot, so you can lick Sweet’N Low, shoot, and bite your watermelon.

I recommend trying both versions to figure out which will work best for your crew.Michael preferred the soaked watermelon shots because he was taste testing for me during his homework study break. You see, I am a firm believer in every college student deserves a real college experience full of poor decisions, copious amounts of alcohol, and dorm life.


Unless you are one of my minions. My offspring should be in college to learn something so they are able to put me up in a retirement home equipped with a studio for my old lady vlogging. Priorities.

Watermelon shots are a creative way to serve drinks to your party guests #SweetNLowStars #client

I like to think of myself as an early adapter. A joiner of all things that might benefit me in some way. I have taken surveys – hated them. I have pushed a goofy button in hopes of hitting it big – I never hit it big. I have even hustled my friends to join XYZ so I could profit off of the referral bonus. Even though those income earning avenues have long been forgotten, I still participate in a group called Crowdtap. Call me crazy but I dig it.  (<~ For real. They didn’t even pay me to say that.)

If you join the Crowdtap Sweet’N Low crowd, you will see they are currently hosting a drink recipe contest with a cocktail kit as the grand prize! May the best lush win!

Kidding. Drink responsibly, dudes.

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