Have you ever had a spread that you felt was worthy of a magazine?  I had one for my {yellow} birthday party but let me tell you that the balance of life was thrown off by a lot!  I barely worked, I didn’t sleep and I sure as heck didn’t pick up anything unless it was a pan that I needed to cook with.  Michael went to the store 100 times and his phrase was, “C’mon Babe! How much money are we going to spend on this?” 

My inspiration for my white sangria came from this sangria recipe but I modified it for what I wanted.  Let me tell you that it was so good that I sent Michael to the store, yet again, because we needed another batch! I may or may not have drank it all day. ?

If you want to give the appearance of fancy schmancy here is a good tip.  Grab a bowl of water and something like a sugar so you can decorate your glasses!  I was using the leftover yellow sugar and coconut from my truffles because I don’t like to waste things.

So it tasted good, it was fun to play with as I licked my rim (quit it perverts!) and it gave a beautiful presentation.  Did I mention that it tasted good? We went through 2 batches if that has any pull with you!


White & Yellow Sangria

White & Yellow Sangria


  • 1/3c Malibu
  • 1.5L Chardonnay
  • 12oz Vernors
  • 1/3c Peach Schnapps
  • 1.5 Tbls Sugar
  • 1 Lemon (cut up)
  • 1 Orange (cut up)


  1. Mix all of your ingredients together, add your fruit in and serve over ice!


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