DIY wine cork coasters and wine themed Scrabble coasters

This comes as no surprise to you crazy cats, but I umm… am throwing a sangria party tomorrow. I know, I know, I will never drop my holiday 15 if I keep getting down with the get down. It’s just that… well… you see, it’s all in the name of sangria. Sangria and super rad wine cork coasters!

Yeah baby!

Supplies for DIY wine cork coasters

I have been saving wine corks from the moment I was coerced from my mother’s womb. I wanted my wedding to be full o’ cork! I’m talking about cork favors, cork napkin rings, cork place card holders, and more.

Cork. Cork. Cork.

So I naturally thought of wine cork coasters for my party favors. Duh!


Cutting the cork base for DIY wine cork coasters

Cutting the cork squares into 3′ x 3.25′ coasters is the easiest part of this project. 

Cutting the corks for DIY wine cork coasters

Cutting the corks in half is a different story.

I started cutting real corks and then I realized real cork coasters (tongue twister much?) would be a lot bigger than my wine themed Scrabble coasters, so I went with synthetic wine corks.

Using Liquid Nails to glue together wine cork coasters

I picked Liquid Nails for the coasters because Liquid Nails is a real man’s glue. No really. When I first brought it home, Michael asked why I bought the little bottle when we had some in the garage.

How’s that for a good example of poor communication? Ha!

Glue the corks down before cutting out the wine cork coasters

I let these bad boys dry before giving them the good ole choperoo, instead of measuring everything and pre-cutting, because it seemed smarter to do it that way. It worked for me because the blade was long but I can’t imagine cutting afterwards would be fun if your cutting utensil doesn’t allow you to get in close.

Trim the wine themed Scrabble coasters so the match the size of the wine cork coasters

And the second half of my party favor wasn’t my idea so you need to visit this Scrabble coaster tutorial. I have been saving it for something fun and the stars happened to align when a 4 letter wine wanted to work with me. It was meant to be!

Now, if you are doing Scrabble coasters, you should know there is one more step that you can’t figure out from my tutorial. Sorry, homies! It looks like you have to mosey on over to the original Scrabble tutorial if you want to finish your craft! <Insert evil laugh here.>

Pairing a Scrabble coaster with a wine cork coaster makes the perfect wine party favor

My biggest tip is- Old Scrabble tiles are higher quality than the shiny new ones. New Scrabble tiles bleed. Boo! But that won’t make sense unless you do as I say and visit the original tutorial!

I’m such a meanie face.

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