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Wine with Mallery- Donuts, Birthing Hips and Pink?

Today is day 2 of the Wine with Mallery Advent Calendar! Today I actually found a wine worth drinking so be sure to check out the video and/or the very bottom of this post for the details. I really hope by the end of this calendar I get used to talking to myself for 10-15 minutes at a time; at least when I talk to Godzilla (Baby Michael) he makes noises back at me so it seems like we are having a two sided conversation.

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

Old donuts

I had a hankering for donuts today so while Michael was out and about I had him pick me up some, he immediately asked if I was pregnant… uh no! It wasn’t until I ate two, really bad, donuts that he told me he didn’t need me getting fat, or something along those lines. I love you too Babe!

Please note this is coming from the man who told me I had birthing hips while we were dating!

Me “Bring me home some donuts. I want a good glazed donut, maybe something with a chocolate frosting and/or something stuffed with cream.

”Him “Are you pregnant?”

Me “No I’m not pregnant! I’m pretty sure I’m on my period right now.

”Him “What else would you want donuts? You never ask for donuts.

”Me “They sound good!

”Him “Fine.”

Family Traditions

The Schuplins attend about 8 Christmas parties and as sucky as that is, I dig it… sometimes. On Christmas Eve you will find us at the Cowan Christmas brunch where we indulge in some delicious breakfast casserole, among other food! I like traditions so much that if the breakfast casserole ever went away I would be HOT!

I got a bright idea, those do happen to me, when I was sent some Miffy’s Marvelous Muffins for Thanksgiving, what if we incorporated muffins into our brunch so we can stuff our faces even more? These muffins might be from a package, but they are totally customizable, MOIST, and no one would be able to tell they aren’t homemade!

Trader Joe’s Viñas Chilenas 2011 Merlot

One word- YUM!

Seriously, this wine was a much better pick that the train wreck of a wine I tried last night. I didn’t expect anything less than amazing because it came from Chile, everything from Chile is delicious. This Merlot is a smooth and fruity wine, with a nice finish. This is a medium bodied wine that you won’t regret trying because the price tag is a mere $3.99! I tried it solo and with my pasta dinner, although, it doesn’t pair well with donuts…

I received some Miffy’s Marvelous Muffins in order to facilitate my review. All opinions, pictures and experiences are my own.

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