Wine with Mallery- 2012 Highlights

I can’t believe my liver survived this spontaneous Advent calendar! I must admit this was a pretty enjoyable project, minus the whole hangover thing. The only thing making me feel a little less like a drunk is the whole ‘drinking for work’ thing. Who doesn’t like drinking on the job? Exactly.

(The video was supposed to be a recap of the whole Wine with Mallery Advent calendar, but it ended up being a random Michael guest star episode. You don’t want to miss it!)

It really was hard to pick my favorite moments of the 2012 Wine with Mallery Advent calendar. There were some pretty freaking funny posts, a mushy one, a scary one, and a sharing my soul type of post. I like to think there was a bit of variety going on with this project! Which was your favorite Wine with Mallery?


  1. Hair accessories
  2. Donuts & birthing hips
  3. Breastfeeding vs formula
  4. Random… so, so random
  5. Instagram obsession
  6. Lactation cookies
  7. Sippy cups
  8. Pumpkins & BFFs
  9. Multiple Sclerosis
  10. Soapy Christmas decorations
  11. Christmas gifts
  12. Softcups
  13. Delivery room controversy
  14. BFFs & pregnancy
  15. Abusive relationships
  16. Date night
  17. Crazy cat toys
  18. Why I love Collective Bias
  19. Virtual Santa
  20. Heavy metal gym music
  21. Navy milkshake– highly recommend!
  22. I like big butts and I can not lie
  23. I’m Christmas sucktastic
  24. Merry {way late} Christmas


Grab a cocktail, pull up a chair, and enjoy a couple laughs with your friends at my expense.

I really hope you enjoyed {at least} one of the videos! I’ve always been a pretty open book so sharing the things I did on the videos wasn’t too difficult. I hope they weren’t hard for you to watch! Well… that last video might have made your ears bleed a little bit. ?

If you are a blogger and you are heading to SoFabCon or BlogHer, you need to LOOK ME UP! For realz! We can hang. We can make videos. I want YOU to guest star and have a jolly good time with me. Prepare your anus because it’s on like Donkey Kong!

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