Wine with Mallery

Holy smokes!

I managed to stay up and do TWO Wine with Mallery videos! You guys are so lucky I love you long time because I am BEYOND exhausted and hungover! It didn’t help that both of the wines I tried tonight did nothing to get me hot and bothered, how disappointing! There is always tomorrow, right?

Note: I was feeling pretty good by the time this post was being composed so you really just need to watch the video.

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

Wine with Mallery- Pumpkin dishes on clearance

Pumpkin Love

Since we are on the topics of friends, I have one who loves pumpkins so much that she experiences a bit of ecstasy every time she sees a pumpkin, watch the video for further details. It’s like Lion King where the hyenas are saying Mufasa over and over again. ?

I picked these ADORABLE pumpkin pieces up at Walmart! The big one and the dish were $2.50 each, the plate was .50. I feel like a real grown up because I will have decorative dishes for the Thanksgiving dinner I will host all by myself next year.

Wine with Mallery- 2011 Purple Moon Chardonnay

2011 Purple Moon Chardonnay

Plain and simple… GAG! This has a fruity/apple nose and it all goes downhill from there. This is a very tart Chardonnay so I would stick with the previous Chardonnay I talked about from La Finca. This Purple Moon tastes like every bit of $3.99. ?

PS: This was another hangover post so my pictures are blah.

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