Wine with Mallery- Softcup & Christmas Ornaments

Wine with Mallery

Wine with Mallery is almost all caught up! Woo hoo! Today is day 12 of my Advent Calendar and that means my liver only has 12 more days to go! I feel like I am preparing for a drinkathon with all of the boozing I have been partaking in lately. Oy!

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video… 

Wine with Mallery- Christmas Ornament Exchange

Social Fabric Ornament Exchange

I got an ornament surprise from my Social Fabric ornament Santa! My Santa did such a good job picking out ornaments for me! I’m not surprised my Santa did so good, seeing how my Santa was Lyuba from Will Cook for Smiles! You should check out her site if you are looking for some high quality food porn. ?

Wine with Mallery- Softcup Period Protection

Softcup Period Protection

If you watched the video you would already know how this wine and Softcups are related. (This is me indirectly telling you to scroll back up and watch the video.) I sort of love using a Softcup when I am on my period. I like how you can use them for 12 hours. I like how you can’t feel them once they are placed up by your cervix. I super, duper love that they don’t hurt my still VERY tender episiotomy scar.

Wine with Mallery- 2012 Charles Shaw Nouveau

Trader Joe’s 2012 Charles Shaw Nouveau

This Charles Shaw Nouveau is 100% times better than the Charles Shaw Merlot I talked about earlier. There isn’t anything memorable about this simple red table wine, it’s drinkable. I know this isn’t much a review if you are in the market for a wine snob review. It’s simple, drinkable and I would drink it again.

I received a Softcup sample in order to facilitate my review. I wasn’t asked to write this review on Horrible Housewife because it is technically a review for Mallery’s Deals. I thought a video review would be way more fun for this topic. ?

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