Wine with Mallery- Housewife Meets The Southern Girl

Wine with Mallery

Day 19 of Wine with Mallery is bringing back the funny, slightly buzzed, dancing girl and talking about one of the members of my online family.

My mission- Find some dirt on one of my blogger friends.

My goal- Make you realize how cool she is.
Let the mission begin!

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

Wine with Mallery- Southern Girl Ramblings

To think that my person didn’t think she could take pictures before enrolling in the SoFabU photography class is crazy. I am pretty sure these pictures are coming from a person who can get a money shot. You should go check out her work!

We would hang in real life because:

  • She is bad at Draw Something.
    • I can see us playing some hardcore stick figure Draw Something.
  • She does her best thinking in the bathroom.
    • I take my daily Words with Friends turn as I dry off from my shower. PS: I probably haven’t showered if I still need to take my turn. ?
  • She met her husband on Myspace in 2006 and they are still happily married.
    • I met Michael on a blind date and we are still happily married. (Just kidding babe!)

She isn’t a Horrible Housewife because:

  • Her favorite memory is the one of her son being born.
    • I have nightmares of the day Michael was born. Nightmares that make my vagina cry a little when I think about it.
  • She takes a 15 minute shower every day.
    • Point being, she doesn’t smell like I sometimes do. You would pick hanging out with her over me if you are any sort of a germaphobe. Haha!

Wine with Mallery- Kecia from Southern Girl Ramblings

My virtual Santa is Kecia from Southern Girl Ramblings! *And the crowd goes wild* The biggest thing I am taking away from her site is her love for her son. She loves him so much that she writes a monthly letter telling him what’s new in his life. I wish I would have thought about that when Michael was born!

Kecia offers product reviews, giveaways, and so much more on Southern Girl Ramblings. She has some big site changes in her 2013 goals. Including, but not limited to, new categories, recipes, and more content about her. You have to check her out for way cooler prizes than you will ever win on this site.

Dear Kecia, 

I am happy to say you are in my online family. <3


The dirty, smelly, Horrible Housewife

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Wine with Mallery- 2011 Charles Shaw Chardonnay

Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw 2011 Chardonnay

I would say this is another drinkable Chardonnay. Michael wasn’t too into it because of the tart flavor of the wine, that just means there is more for me! This 12.5% wine is pale yellow in color with a soft, fruity nose. This Chardonnay is best served chilled and at $2.99 would make a great Summer party drink.

Please note- Three glasses gave me that hangover headache. ?

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