Who Do You Let in the Delivery Room?

Wine with Mallery

Day 13 of the Wine with Mallery Advent Calendar could spark some controversy with the topic I am discussing… guests in the delivery room. I would love to hear your opinions and/or experiences to see what other people think about guests in the delivery room.

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

Wine with Mallery- Staying happy during a natural labor

How a natural delivery starts…

I was over the moon excited when my sister said I could be in the delivery room with her. She is my little sister and who better to help her out than someone who had a baby 16 months ago? We talked about her, extremely detailed, birth plan a lot, as I was to act as her ‘doula‘, photographer and sister. She did her research and asked a million questions so she felt fully prepared for her labor, and she was!

She did the whole natural labor like a champ. I was jealous thoroughly impressed with her! Her position of choice was on all fours and I have a very… ummless than flattering picture of her bent over that I won’t share because… yanno. She spent so much time on her birth plan and she went to all of the classes that there was no way she could have been unprepared. It was a lot more structured than my show up, hook me up, cut me up and give me my baby plan! I’m more of a walk in the door and give me the good stuff type of gal. ?

Wine with Mallery- Having a natural delivery

How a natural delivery ends…

She wanted to break so bad. Her body hurt and she was tired of laboring naturally. Her main rule was that we were not allowed to mention pain medications. We weren’t even allowed to think about epidurals! I read Birth Plans for Dummies, highly recommend, and I love how the book talks about who NOT to have in the delivery room for this very reason… ahemmother-in-laws. Just say no. Don’t let them guilt you into it because it will end poorly for everyone.

Sample conversation from when Rachael was in pain. (Please note these aren’t the exact words, the overall story is accurate.)

Her “She could get an epidural.”
Jon “Don’t bring up an epidural.”
Her “Something else about an epidural.”
Jon “If you bring that up again, you will need to leave.”
Her “If I have to leave then everyone has to leave!”

About that… It was at this moment that I became proud of Jon. You always wonder if your mate has successfully cut his own umbilical cord. Will he take your side in an argument, or is he still a momma’s boy at heart? Jon didn’t even hesitate to stand up for Rachael, it was that moment that he won me over.

Wine with Mallery- Trader Joe's 2011 Charles Shaw White Zindanfel

Trader Joe’s 2011 Charles Shaw White Zinfandel

Let me start off by saying that I am not a big fan of sweet wines. This is a very sweet White Zinfandel that probably makes a lot of people happy, I get it. Who wouldn’t be happy at $2.99 a bottle? I have witnessed a lot of people drinking a White Zin when they are trying to get into the wine game because it isn’t a complex drink. Personally, I can’t stomach this version because it is so sweet and it makes me want to brush my teeth while drinking it. ?

I received a copy of Birth Plans for Dummies in order to facilitate my review. This is supposed to be a review on Mallery’s Deals but I wanted to talk about part of this book in this video. All opinions, pictures, videos and thoughts are MY OWN.

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  1. OH my goodness; Yes, NEVER let Mother-in-laws in the delivery room! Oh my goodness; I could not have done it with them there. For me; only my Husband and the Midwives were allowed in. Had my sister been around and not just had her very own baby a week before (seriously we have always been preggo at the same time with kids born in the same month, every time) then I would have allowed her in. But that is it.

    Amber Edwards recently posted..Nutrisystem Week 20; Stress and Weight Loss; #NSNation #SponMy Profile

  2. Personally, I think the only ones that should be in the delivery room are mom and dad, doctor and nurse. The rest can visit later ?

    Though if I had an older sister, I probably wouldn’t have minded if they came too, but even my own mom, I didn’t really want there (and she didn’t want to be in there, lol).

    Great pictures!

    Adelina Priddis recently posted..Steak and Potatoes {Foodie Friday}My Profile

  3. Mother in laws have every right to see they’re grandbaby born just as much as the other grandmother and for yall to set here and slander her like this. you should be very ashame of yourselves. so shut your mouth!

  4. What you people are saying is just cruel, you are making it out like she is a horrible person and she is not a horrible person! so as for the person that said I wouldn’t want that woman in the room with me you know where you can go! if any one is wrong in this whole matter its yall for making this whole situation to be a a public thing and putting it out there for everyone to see and as for the one that posted this video. You are a MARTER AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

  5. It’s pretty simple really, respect THE PERSON WHO IS HAVING THE BABY’s wishes and there would have never been an issue. ? It could have been a friend, the husband, the mom, or the Mother in Law. If a woman going 100% natural says shut your mouth about drugs, you shut your mouth about drugs. She invited MIL and gave MIL a chance to be there in her corner, and MIL blew it. End of story.


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