Wine with Mallery- Advent Calendar & Sassy Hair Accessories

Wine with Mallery

Welcome to the first ever Wine with Mallery! This horribly awesome idea stemmed from a Facebook post of a wine Advent Calendar; genius I tell ya! Then I had a brilliant idea to combine two of my obsessions: hair accessories and wine for the mac daddy of all ideas… a video series!

Wine with Mallery cliff notes for those who can’t watch the video…

Wine with Mallery- Sassy hair accessories from Sears

My dirty little secret, one of them, is my obsession with sassy hair accessories. I have a crazy wicked mop that deserves a worthy accessory; that’s just the way life works. Once I decided that I was going to do a wine video series, I said I NEEDED, not wanted, a different hair accessory for each video. I HAVE TO HAVE a new hair accessory for each video. Yes, I got all high maintenance up in this joint.

Let’s just say that I had a $50 Sears gift card arrive in the mail yesterday and Sears was having a sale where you would get 10,000 bonus points when you spent $50. Can we just say that fate played a role in that? I like to think so, and $55.13 later I left the store with 8 head bands and a pair of Yoda slippers. Let me know if you know about an Accessory Anonymous (AA) so I can be prepared when Michael gets annoyed. :)

Espiral Vinho Rose Wine

I tasted this rose wine for the first time before my final Wine with Mallery video, sue me for taking two takes. Haha!

  • Twist off cap- annoying.
  • It’s sparkling, and not in a good way.
  • It’s too tart for me.
  • Light flavor and nose.
  • Bright, beautiful color.
  • Fruity finish.
  • $4.99
This is not a wine I would ever buy again because of the in mouth flavor… blah! Michael ended up killing the bottle himself while he did his homework because I refused to drink a wine that tasted like a bad batch of garbage. No thank you!

What do you do when you need something to push you over the $50 mark? You buy cute Yoda slippers for your son! Aunt Rachael will be so excited! :)

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  1. I LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to watch! A girl can never have too many hair accessories btw! Also, I was picturing adult-sized Yoda slippers in my head until I saw the pix at the bottom :)


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